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When we talk about art, I have just one rule: you can't just say "I like it" or "I don't like it." Quality art criticism is not about being honest for the enjoyment of honesty alone- it is about helping the viewer and the artist.
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[VIDEO] Right after watching the Critical Discourse panelists praise and critique finalist works, these respondents stopped to share their own insights and learning. This time, the panelists also shared their insights on the experience of ArtPrize and why criticism is an important part of the event.
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[VIDEO] Right after watching the second night of "Why These Finalists,", these respondents stopped to share their own insights and learning.
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Marc Sijan's work, a contender as one of the public vote finalists, tells the story of his relationship with his father. Why do we- the public, children, parents- connect with this work?
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Conversations are critical to our understanding about art and its place in our community. The Community Media Center is proud to be the media sponsor for ArtPrize's Critical Discourse series. Here we've captured just a window into those events and conversations.

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