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Story Matters: Chicago couple shares why they love Grand Rapids

by The Rapidian

Lynne Hartzel and Antonio Gallegos talk about why they think of Grand Rapids as "little Chicago" and love spending time here.

UICA reveals nearly lost Detroit art treasure

by Rick Beerhorst

The retrospective of the recently deceased Detroit artist Mary Ann Aitken share her powerful paintings with their thickly painted and encrusted surfaces. These are paintings that really need to be experienced in person for their full impact.

"Beholder" images explore man's disconnection from nature, ritual

by Kevin Buist

Opening this weekend at the Gaspard Gallery on South Division, Chris Cox's photography confronts the viewer with our unease with both spirituality and direct experiences in the natural world.

The Pickle Club sets up camp in East Hills

by Eric Tank

Sean Kenny, local artist and noise maker turns his private residence into an art emporium as an homage to Chicago's Dill Pickle Club of the early 20th century.

UICA + KCAD: What can we expect from this new alliance?

by Tamara Fox

The merger of KCAD and UICA, while a boon to the college, may compromise the arts organization.

Bingeing on sweet art at "Hard Femme"

by Danielle Walsh

A review of the ambitious one-night-only show of approximately 90 works of art by local, national and international artists, based upon the theme of gender expression within the femme realm.

New UICA director works to revive hub of creativity

by Holly Bechiri

Miranda Krajniak, just three months into her role as Executive Director at the UICA, is working to revitalize what she sees an essential part of our art community ecosystem.

Artists Amanda Wieczorek and Taylor Cole Greenfield to host "Open Studio"

by Steven Davison

Local Artist says ‘farewell’ to Grand Rapids by hosting Open Studio.

Local artist builds community through 3D art

by Emilie Pichot

Mark Rumsey, creator of site-specific installations and East Hills Council of Neighbors staff member, engages the community both in his art and his job.

The Avenue for the Arts works to bring in even more vendors with upcoming market

by Ryan Collins

The Avenue for the Arts will be holding its second downtown art market of the summer on July 13.

Grand Rapids Art Museum Free Admissions Tuesdays draws increased visitors

by Davis Dryer

Free admission to the GRAM is allowing Grand Rapids art lovers to head downtown, see art and not worry about breaking any budgets.

Con Artist Crew brings activism, visionaries to art scene

by Emilie Pichot

A collaborative gallery and event space conceived by Kendall College grads Magdalene Law and Reuben Garcia, Con Artist Crew has plans for a film festival and several upcoming exhibits.

UICA exhibit "Chroma" changes perspectives on color

by Emilie Pichot

The UICA’s exhibit ‘Chroma’ engages and interacts with viewers, questioning beliefs and ideas about color.

New ArtPrize director explores Grand Rapids, culture, and permission to participate

by Holly Bechiri

Christian Gaines compares larger cities to mid-sized Grand Rapids, and finds a lot to be excited about.

Pieces, moments of Art.Downtown. 2013 leave strong impressions

by Danielle Walsh

After the one-night event, I review what lingered in the mind from this year's kick-off of Grand Rapids' art season.

Camera and Collage exhibit captures essence of Art.Downtown.

by Steven Davison

Documentation of "Camera and Collage Show" at Sanctuary Gallery for Art.Downtown.

Museum Free 4 All returns April 21

by Holly Bechiri

On Sunday, April 21, the four major downtown museums will open their doors free of admission.

Jeff Kraus reveals new work at Gaspard, discusses process

by Emma Higgins

Whether you see them as raw and admirably unfiltered gestures of colorful creation or meticulously constructed design pieces might just depend on your aesthetic preferences.

Issue Press: Independent publishing house issues Risograph prints

by Steven Davison

Grand Rapids based Issue Press publishes limited edition books and prints specialized by the Risograph method