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EatGR to host food truck rally at Downtown Market

by Amanda Sterling (amanda_a_sterling)

Submitted 05-27-2015 under NEWS

EatGR, the local foodie group dedicated to exploring local restaurants and sharing their experiences, will be hosting Get the Truck Out, a food truck rally at the Downtown Market from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 30. Rally participants will...

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New food truck to serve Grand Rapids, surrounding area

by Amanda Sterling (amanda_a_sterling)

Submitted 04-28-2015 under NEWS

Gettin’ Fresh, West Michigan’s newest food truck, will be joining some regular hot spots for food trucks in the Grand Rapids area, like the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) and Ah-Nab-Awen park. They are making plans to be found outside...

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Art galleries say congratulations, farewell; contemplate "home"

by Avenue for the Arts (AvenuefortheArts)

Submitted 07-29-2014 under NONPROFITS

This Friday, August 1, vendors, musicians, food trucks and entertainers will flock to South Division for a festive, spirited evening of music and handmade goods. Following a successful turnout in June, The Market on First Fridays returns with even...

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Planning Commission approves request to allow food trucks downtown

by Nicole Merte (NicoleGR)

Submitted 09-13-2013 under NEWS

On September 12, the Planning Commission passed the request of the special land use of food concessions on the corner of the Grand Rapids Art Museum. This was the first request for food concessions on private land in the downtown area. The request...

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Discussion to continue on food trucks downtown

by Nicole Merte (NicoleGR)

Submitted 09-10-2013 under NEWS

A public hearing is set for September 12 at 2:50 p.m. to discuss a request of the Grand Rapids Art Museum for special land use approval. This space is proposed, according to the hearing agenda, to be "open for concession sales as a use...

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When building places it's the people who count

by Mark Miller (Mark F. Miller AIA)

Submitted 08-27-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

“To approach a city as if it were an architectural problem is to make the mistake of attempting to substitute art for life. The results are neither life nor art. They are taxidermy.” - Jane Jacobs   As an architect, planner and...

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Build a better city

by Benjamin Oliver (benwilkoliver)

Submitted 06-04-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

Whether it’s organizing a block party, planting trees in your neighborhood or placing a bench in front of a bus stop, placemaking can be easy. We hope it can all intersect right here on The Rapidian with Place Matters. This page is your place...

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Dear Silver Spork, It's not you... It's me...

by Molly Clauhs (mollymclauhs)

Submitted 05-06-2013 under VOICES

Two years ago – nearly to the day – I moved to Grand Rapids with my boyfriend Joel, cat, personal possessions and newly purchased food truck. A year prior, I graduated from college and moved away from my friends, family, Joel, beloved...

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Food beat discusses food reviews over Silver Spork dinner

by Holly Bechiri (Holly)

Submitted 06-22-2012 under OPINION

Tuesday night, The Rapidian's own food beat reporters sat down next to local food truck The Silver Spork to talk about upcoming meetups and restaurant reviews. The beat's meetup included a discussion and informational review of both the...

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Food truck debate rages on

by Jon Dunn (jon_dunn)

Submitted 06-14-2012 under NEWS

The public comments around the food truck issue didn't carry quite the same gusto as earlier activities at the City Commission meeting, but some heavy hitters of the Grand Rapids culinary scene aired their grievances to the Commission Tuesday...

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