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Dance down the Signal Path



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Signal Path


The Pyramid Scheme


Denver based electro jam band is set to rock The Pyramid Scheme this Friday.

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Take one shot funk, mix in some grooves, and top it off with heavy bass you will get something like Signal Path. This jam band takes the idea of rock and injects a vast array of electronics and synthesis to provide a deep dance experience from another dimension. A humble beginning of friends jamming has lead to taking on clubs and festivals across the country, with critical acclaim. The ability to go from chilled trip-hop grooves to full on face melting electronic infused grinds has paved the way for Signal Path to become the ultimate, multi instrumentalist party machine. 

The Pyramid Scheme downtown is the perfect place to host such an event. With a venue large enough to contain a performance of epic proportions, and small enough to remain intimate, it has become one of my live show destinations in West Michigan. Topping off a great dance floor is a hefty list of Michigan micro brews, as well as free water to quench the thirst of those sweatin' on the dance floor.

Signal Path offers their music as free download on their website for those wishing to familiarize themselves with the sounds that will reverberate in the heart of Grand Rapids this Friday. Support for the act will come from Michigan's own Flashclash who has been bringing the sounds of retro dance parties from before my time, adding a modern twist and livening up anyone who has come in contact with their sounds. 

Kick off  your holiday season with a boom clap and get down while the gettin's good!


Hey, my names Adrian! I am a broadcasting student at GVSU and love live music-from the performance to the culture. I enjoy promoting regional events on my facebook page "Adrian Skye", a fledgeling music forum and home of my radio personality contact. If you have an event feel free to post it on there and I will check it out. I also am a programmer at community radio WYCE E/O Saturday 3-6 and try to promote events there so hopefully between the Rapidian, WYCE, and my facebook radio programmer page, I can share all that I have the energy to. Cheers.

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