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Five Questions with Local Artists: Ann Chuchvara





detail of installation

detail of installation /Ann Chuchvara

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 These five questions have been posed to several different local artists, their responses create this series. Ann Chuchvara earned a BF A at Grand Valley State University and an MFA at University of Colorado. She currently works and lives in the GR metro area while maintaining an international exhibition and residency record.


What do you do and why do you do it? Art speaking that is.

I am a sculptor using mixed media. Most of my work consists of accumulations of small handmade objects made with everyday materials such as paper, plastic, or thread. The pieces are installed considering the space or openess that surround them in an attempt to isolate their seemingly pathetic nature. I am

interested in showing significance through the insignificant, calling attention to what is often fleeting or overlooked in the frantic pace of our everyday lives.


How long have you been doing this art thing?

I have always been interested in the arts. I became serious about making my work when I began Grad School in 1996.


Can you imagine doing something else?

I could imagine doing something else, but I don’t think I would be very good at it.


Do you have an art dream? Like, to get a show at some big name place or to win the art lotto?

I have dreamt that my work would be recognized as having value or be shown in a larger venue such as MOMA or Tate Modern. I also dream that I would be able to focus on my work full time.


What do you think about retirement? Can artists do that? Are you planning on it?

I don’t believe artists truly retire because creating or process in one form or another is part of how an artist functions.

For more information on Chuchvara's work visit her website at



International Artist and Local Strategist based in Grand Rapids. Recipient of the Rapidian's illustrious Hunter S. Thompson Superlatives Award in 2010.

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