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Gentrify This: An art show



About The Bloom Collective

"The Bloom Collective is an infoshop and lending library providing resources to inspire radical social change. It is our belief that by offering a safe space from which to confront oppression we can move toward liberation." - taken from the Bloom Collective's Facebook page.

The Bloom Collective is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 7pm



Gentrify This: The myth of progress, history, growth and the supposed inevitability of it all. Independent art show hosted by the Bloom Collective comes to Heartside during ArtPrize
Gentrify This: An Art Show

Gentrify This: An Art Show

Of Smokestacks and Societies

Of Smokestacks and Societies /Scott Warren

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On Saturday, The Bloom Collective (8 Jefferson SE) will be hosting the official opening of their current show "Gentrify This: The myth of progress, history, growth & the supposed inevitability of it all."  The show runs through Saturday,  October 5.

The show is launched to coincide with, yet remain distinctly apart from, ArtPrize, and will feature local artists willing to examine the issues and impact of gentrification on the community. 

In recent years, the downtown area of Grand Rapids has seen an increasingly escalating amount of renovation and new construction. The characteristics of long-standing communities are being altered, most often without the input of the people residing within those communities. Disadvantaged people within these communities are often negatively impacted most by the activities of investors and corporations that view their own interests as making progress- and profits. 

This show will also be featuring some of the signs used in 2012's ArtLies project.

scott warren

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