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Hillcrest 1 and 2 Classrooms venture out into a Micro-Industry




KVO & CBOT Classrooms sell their products at Fulton Street Farmers Market

 /Photo taken by Amy Hams at Fulton Street Market

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 Hillcrest 1 and 2 classrooms, part of Grand Rapids Public Schools Kent Vocational Options Program, are utilizing the Fulton Street Farmers Market as part of their curriculum.  Every Friday until Christmas these two classrooms will be selling their home-made dog biscuits and other items to raise money for their classroom but more importantly, to teach math, reading, money, kitchen safety and social skills to their students.  Through the process of shopping for ingredients, cooking, packaging and selling, students are learning and practicing their functional academic and interpersonal skills in meaningful real-world settings.


Be sure to stop by.  Biscuits can be bought in packages of six for $2.00.  They are also occasionally for sale at the Hillcrest Dog Park.

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