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Local food options available in Creston




Eat healthy. Eat local. Here's how residents of the Creston neighborhood can make that happen right in their own back yard.

These tomatoes were grown at Creston's community garden at Carrier Crest Apartments last year.

These tomatoes were grown at Creston's community garden at Carrier Crest Apartments last year. /photo by: Julie Tabberer

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By: Lance Kraai

According to most estimates the average fruit or vegetable purchased in the US travels 1,500 miles before arriving on your plate. To put that in perspective, 1,500 miles from your quaint Creston neighborhood home will put you on the Texas/Mexico border, Salt Lake City, Utah, or perhaps—most appealing of all this time of year–Miami, Florida.

So why does this matter? Well for a lot of reasons. First, when food travels it uses carbon-emitting fuel. Second, when food travels it goes bad. For all the food grown for US consumption, 40% goes to waste. This is compounded by the fact that only 3% of our food is composted, which means a lot of food ends up in our landfills where it breaks down without oxygen-releasing methane. 

Local food is also healthier. Food picked to travel well, is picked early. So those tomatoes from Miami, Florida are picked firm and green, before they are at their nutritional best.

Further, after being picked the tomatoes immediately start shedding nutritional value. In other words, there is a reason why a cherry tomato plucked right from the vine tastes incredible. Our tastes buds are aware that something beautiful is happening in that perfectly ripe, super fresh explosion of juice.

Thankfully Creston has some fantastic local food options:


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