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Catalyst Radio: Grand Rapids DAPL Resistance Fellowship

Submitted 12-02-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Host Katie Gordon speaks with Colby Roanhorse from the Grand Rapids DAPL Resistance Fellowship.


Local artist finds inspiration in moths, praying mantises, mysteries of tarot cards

Submitted 11-28-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

The art of Molly Vega Burgess continues to evolve over time and can be found at the UICA gift shop.


From bartering to banking: A look at the historic money of Old Grand Rapids

Submitted 11-28-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Have you ever wondered what kind of money people used when they came to Michigan and settled down in what would become the City of Grand Rapids? Here's a hint: it wasn't dollar bills.


Inline skater joins cyclists on 500 mile journey to raise funds to fight poverty

Submitted 11-22-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Lone skater, Bruce Sienkowski, in a sea of bikes builds community across sports and over many miles with the Sea to Sea Tour, racking up donations with the aim to end the cycle of poverty.


Catalyst Radio: The interfaith movement in West Michigan

Submitted 11-18-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Host Jessica Gladden speaks with Katie Gordon of Kaufman Interfaith Institute of Grand Valley State University. The organization works to promote interfaith understanding & mutual respect in West Michigan through dialogue and service.


Aquinas graduate publishes her first book, "Running in Silence"

Submitted 11-14-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Rachael Steil opens up to tell her story of running in college while battling an eating disorder. What stared as a raw food diet in order to lose weight and gain speed turned into a long road to self-discovery.


Detroit artist in first ArtPrize returns for UICA's "Coming Home" exhibition

Submitted 11-08-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Mario Moore is participating in Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts' new exhibition which highlights emerging and established Michigan artists.


Classic film "E.T." unites musician, volunteer, concert-goer

Submitted 11-07-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Nostalgic showing of Spielberg's "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and live performance of score by the Grand Rapids Symphony creates powerful atmosphere of community.


Ride The Rapid in November to sip local and enjoy arts and culture

Submitted 11-02-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Gear up for the holiday season by making room on your calendar for transit-friendly events throughout Grand Rapids.


Catalyst Radio: GRPM's new exhibit, and GRCMC's on-going collaborations

Submitted 10-28-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

In this episode, we talk with the Grand Rapids Public Museum about their new exhibit, Whales: Giants of the Deep, and with the Community Media Center on collaborations within the CMC and throughout Grand Rapids.