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Treetops Collective welcomes neighbors to grand opening of new storefront

Submitted 11-17-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Dana Doll, founder and Executive Director of Treetops Collective, invited city residents to visit her new retail store. Located on Division Avenue, the store sold items produced by refugee women.


Viewing the Grand Rapids Police Department as a volunteer

Submitted 11-13-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

My view of the Grand Rapids Police Department changed once I got involved.


Kent Dobson was bitten by a camel: A conversation with the author

Submitted 11-07-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Kent Dobson climbed Mount Sinai in search of the God who had eluded him. Instead he got bitten by a camel. Dobson writes about his experiences of doubt, and the search for meaningful faith in his new book, Bitten by a Camel: Leaving Church, Finding God.


Venues like St. Cecilia and One Trick Pony keep music scene alive, well in Grand Rapids

Submitted 10-27-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Don’t pass on opportunities to enjoy our city and the music, like hearing guitarist Leo Kottke and local singer Kathy Lamar.


Grand Rapids Public Library to celebrate Día de los Muertos

Submitted 10-25-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Día de los Muertos: A Community Exhibit Honoring Day of the Dead, will be on display at the Grand Rapids Public Library’s downtown Main Branch October 28-November 1.


ArtPrize, Hopcat, WYCE partner to bring "world of music" back to Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids

Submitted 09-26-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

This weekend hear jazz, soul, country, rock, and hip hop from artists all from right here in West Michigan at the Blue Bridge Festival.


Local artist Stafford Smith exhibits new artwork at Studio 341

Submitted 09-19-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Trapped Between Memory and Desire is on display at Studio 341 and will be open on weekends.


Lipstick Jodi will release its debut album September 28

Submitted 09-19-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Lipstick Jodi Band members Karli Morehouse, Luke Rockhold, Jamie Baarman and Camille Hoorn deliver a new upbeat sound to Grand Rapids music lovers.


First Generation Student: College life

Submitted 09-12-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

Each new student has a number of opportunities to get involved in college life and to use their experiences for better learning and networking.


First Generation Student: Navigating your classroom

Submitted 09-05-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

The best way to approach all this is as if it is a big, fun adventure. You need to tell yourself that you have the skills to deal with anything that comes up. Take a deep breath, act as though you are totally confident, and embrace this journey into adulthood.