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New reporters explore media tools to express leadership in action


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This article was created as a collaborative effort with participants in the LINC News Bureau's workshop on July 11, 2012. To find out more contact [email protected]!


See, listen, visualize what 15 people think about leadership.

Stepping up and standing out for change.

Stepping up and standing out for change. /LINC News Bureau

Looking for the next leader?

Looking for the next leader? /LINC News Bureau

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On Wednesday, July 11, community members attended a communications training at LINC. Through this training, the group learned some tools for communication: audio, video, photo and text. This article is a reflection of their new knowledge of communication tools.

In our communities we are always looking to someone for leadership. Whether it be a teacher, a parent, a friend or even a policeman, we see leaders everywhere. Sometimes the leaders are good, and sometimes the people we look to are not the best people to look up to. When we think about our communities, we finally just asked the question: What makes a good leader? 

“A good leader basically empowers the community. He builds leadership qualities and characteristics within those who follow in his footsteps,” said Divine Allah, a community member who attended a recent workshop at LINC.   

There are more leaders in communities than just individuals. Rosario Parada, a leader herself with the Believe to Become program, said that The Hispanic Center of West Michigan is one of the best leaders in her community. Rosario Parada said they provide youth programs, summer jobs and more for youth.

“You don't have to be a certain age, it doesn't matter your race, it doesn't matter where you came from – they'll accept you. They're very friendly,” she said. “They accept and lead children to success.”

Whether the leader is an individual or an organization, they empower people, says Allah.

“The empowerment and self-sufficiency that it brings out in people – that's a leader,” he said.   

The leaders we have in our communities didn't just pop up over night. They weren't grown, but they all must have something in common. Another attendee at the workshop, Alicia Dorr, said that she thinks that to teach young people to become good leaders we have to be good leaders ourselves. 

“We have to lead by example, and encourage them to learn and do new things,” she said.

There are many qualities that make a good leader. Man or woman, young or old, a person or an organization, they all inspire us and take us to better places.

LINC News Bureau

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