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Roosevelt Park

New banners for Grandville business corridor

Submitted 04-28-2016 under NONPROFITS

The Grandville Avenue Business Association and Habitat Kent are installing light post banners to help showcase the neighborhood and local businesses.


Bike co-op launches 1000 Bikes Campaign to provide more rides to community

Submitted 04-19-2016 under NEWS

The Spoke Folks launches its 1000 Bikes Campaign this Sunday, April 24 at Brewery Vivant's Bikes for Beers event.


Local soccer player trains in neighborhood park, Kent Trails for chance at pros

Submitted 04-05-2016 under VOICES

Ernesto Pulido trains in Clemente Park in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood and runs on Kent Trails to prepare for tryouts in his parents' home country, Mexico.


Students to host neighborhood forum for Grandville Avenue mural project

Submitted 03-01-2016 under NEWS

Nuestra Historia, Nuestra Voz, the current project of local Latino students exploring their personal and cultural histories through art, will result in a new mural in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood.


SiTE:LAB community creates one more surprise at final performance of grand prize winner

Submitted 10-12-2015 under OPINION

At the end of the marathon that is ArtPrize, the true test of the SiTE:LAB community was met: to make sure long-time volunteer Toni Bal could swing right along the rest of the women in Kate Gilmore's winning "Higher Ground."


"For the Toward" channels raw energy into athletic grace

Submitted 10-07-2015 under NONPROFITS

[VIDEO] "For the Toward" was selected as a Top 5 Jurors' Shortlist in the Time-based Category and was captured in this film by ArtPeers Erin Wilson and Seth Thompson.


Nomadic placemaking: Art designed to help communities see future potential

Submitted 10-06-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

SiTE:LAB's projects, and the new experiences the public has with the property through them, have the potential to use art to facilitate a more expansive vision of the property's future.


Free Memory Screenings on Nov. 3 at Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

Submitted 10-05-2015 under NONPROFITS

Covenant Village of the Great Lakes will offer free memory screenings on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., as part of National Memory Screening Week (Nov. 1-7, 2015), an initiative by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.


Cooking for Alzheimer's Prevention

Submitted 10-05-2015 under NONPROFITS

Area seniors and caregivers to learn brain-smart recipes


Just wrong enough: How swinging inside an ArtPrize house creates community

Submitted 09-29-2015 under OPINION

As a facilitator of volunteers and volunteer myself for Kate Gilmore's "Higher Ground," my turns on the swing brought a surprising combination of power dynamics, physical duress, intimacy with strangers, and even monotony.