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2012 Pipeline Reading Series



In keeping with Actors' Theatre's commitment to support, develop and produce new works, Actors' is proud to announce the 2012 Pipeline Reading Series. During February and March, Actors' Theatre will present staged readings of four new works by regional and national playwrights for public reading and discussion. Readings will take place on February 14, 21, 28 and March 27, 2012.


The reading series will be graciously hosted by the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, located at 2 Fulton Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A suggested donation of $15 will benefit the development and presentation of new works at Actors' Theatre and UICA. All performances will begin at 6:30PM and will include a brief discussion afterwards, facilitated by Actors' Literary Manager Randy Wyatt.


The four new plays, selected from over 200 submissions for public reading, are:


THE EMPRESS OF SEX by Duncan Pflaster

UICA Theatre, February 14, 2012 - 6:30PM

A woman, spurned in love, finds a deserted island and sets herself up as The Empress Salacia, decreeing that there shall be no love allowed in her domain, only sex.   She gathers some sybaritic acolytes, and all is frolicsome mindless fun until Salacia's ex-lover Agis comes to the island in disguise, to attempt to win her back.  Suitable for Valentine's day fun,The Empress of Sex is scandalous, erotic romp with a surprisingly sweet center.



UICA Theatre, February 21, 2012 - 6:30PM

The inventor of the American lobotomy, Dr. Walter J. Freeman embarks upon a tireless, deluded, and ultimately tragic quest to spread the good news of his medical procedure across America.   The play presents Freeman's life in a triptych of scenes - home, work, and retirement. Three Voyages of the Lobotomobile explores the dark side of the American myth of the confident genius, the brilliant inventor who will stop at nothing to achieve his dream.



ALL CHILDISH THINGS by Joe Zettelmaier

UICA Theatre, February 28, 2012 - 6:30PM

Dave has come up with a plan, Carter's got a way in, Mas has figured a way out and Kendra has the connections.  All is ready for these four Star Wars fans to heist a cashload of fandom merchandise.  When the heist goes wrong, though, lives are threatened, secrets are revealed and the ultimate temptation threatens to tear these friends apart forever.


NADIA by David Turkel

UICA Theatre, March 27, 2012 - 6:30PM

Journalist Lily is both fascinated and repulsed, like everyone else, by the taboo work of Russian artist Nadia.  After a disastrous first interview, the enigmatic, yet forceful, artist insists upon living with Lily, consenting to being filmed constantly while she works.  Lines between art, pornography, life and psychological torture blur in this compelling piece told through a pastiche of live and filmed sequences.


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