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5 Major Pay-Per-Click Ad Networks To Promote Your Services

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

3:56 AM

With the dawn of the 21-st century, the world became familiar with the World Wide Web or the more commonly used term ‘Internet’. With the outburst in the number of internet users in the first decade of 2000s, it became an extremely potential marketplace with millions of visitors that can be targeted. Pay-per-click model was first introduced in 1996 by an online directory called Planet Oasis. The directory could be accessible via a desktop application that provided a link to several commercial and informational websites. Within a year the Developers of the directory were being paid amounts ranging between $0.05 and $.25 per click by over 400 major commercial brands including a placement fee for their link in the directory. Today Pay-per-click has become a popular model for internet advertising and is being used by millions of websites across the internet. There are several Pay-per-Click networks that offer ad placement to the companies and individual business owners to promote their products and services. Here’s the list of the best networks that help you place pay-per-click ads to promote your product, accomplishment or service.

1.     Google

The reigning monarch in PPC ad networks, Google allows people to place their advertisements or to get pay-per-click ads on your website. The website owners and bloggers can go to Google AdSense or AdWords and use the millions of advertisers with ads that complement the content of their website or blogs and also would make sense to the visitor’s interest. AdSense and AdWords by Google is perhaps the most popular of all the various pay-per-click networks.

2.     Facebook

After conquering the world of social media through its sheer number of worldwide users, facebook is known to offer services that even Google can’t compete with. All the companies or businessmen need to do is to have a facebook page for their product or service. The advertising module on facebook is marvelously melded together with their unique social networking and sharing feature. It allows people to like your advertisements and share it via their facebook profile. Facebook also allows you to place pay-per-click advertisements in your posts and share them.

3.     YouTube

Indeed the second largest search engine in the world after Google, YouTube can be used with your existing AdWords or AdSense and place several pay-per-click advertisements on your videos. You can also promote your videos by creating paid advertisements. Creating advertisement links is a more effective way of promoting your videos rather than plain link sharing via personal messages or comments.

4.     Twitter

Twitter not only allows you to stay connected to what the various people in the world are thinking but also is one of the most popular pay-per-click networks. With the growing popularity of a company, people who use their products or services are often curious about the new offers and announcements. Placing relevant pay-per-click advertisements in the tweets can bring a whole new meaning to the potential reach of your customers.

5.     LinkedIn

The progenitor of the concept of ‘Professional Networking’, LinkedIn allows several professionals to connect with the different companies or other professionals. This makes it one of the most potential markets for advertising you products or services. As the social network categorizes the users on the basis of their professional expertise, a relevant ad appearing on the profile of a relevant professional can increase the reach of your product or service thousand fold and can improve your chances at being noticed by other interested business partners.


With the introduction of the pay-per-click module, several simple search engines and social networking websites have now become multi-million dollar generating corporations.  Several advertisers get engaged with the Real time bidding to increase the visibility of their advertisement. Pay-per-click while having its fair share of pros and cons can be utilized to generate revenues and promote your product or services. For more information on Pay-per-Click or to avail RTB services please visit

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