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ACT apprentice Allison: Painting truths and smiles

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ACT Apprentice Allison demonstrates her love of animals, art, and our connection to both.
Apprentice Allison and a puppy sketch

Apprentice Allison and a puppy sketch /Madi Schmit

ACT Apprentice Showcase at Lions and Rabbits

Come support a season’s worth of artwork created by the Apprentice class at The Lions and Rabbits gallery on April 27th from 5-7pm. The showcase features the work of Artist Creating Together’s Apprentice Cohort. It is open to the public during those hours and people are encouraged to come view and purchase Apprentice artwork.

Animals are popular subjects in art. I have always loved animals and felt passionate about them, but when I sat next to Apprentice Allison to watch her work, I realized that I am not nearly as passionate as she is. So passionate, in fact, that when I ask her what her favorite animal is, she looks at me, as though the answer is obvious, and says, “All of them.”


Allison’s artwork contains many different kinds of animals, but on this particular day, I was observing her sketch and color some very interesting humanoid cats. That’s the other cool thing about what she does—she takes animals and gives them human characteristics. She sits them upright and gives them interesting props. This particular day, it was a cat eating sushi. This evokes a certain connection and relatability to the each of the animals she draws. There is an honesty in this; as if to remind us that we are all living creatures.

Her art, also, cannot be missed. She is a fan of utilizing colors, and bright ones. “My favorite color is pink,” she says, which seems to be a common favorite among this year’s cohort of ACT Apprentices. The vibrancy of her work makes her animals really pop and helps animate the two dimensional beings. Her pieces are pleasing to the eye and to the hearts of animal lovers.

Allison’s passions and creativity touch other areas of art and interest. On another day, I approached her table to find her working on a three dimensional piece; little colored bears, all with names on their back, glued to a piece of wood, standing up. When I asked her about it, she said “It’s everyone in my family.” The bear representing herself was colored to have a pink shirt and placed in the middle.

No matter which animal Allison chooses, there is a clear theme bursting from all the colors: happiness and awareness. Allison is as bright as her art makes her seem and she wishes to spread that to others wherever she goes. She also wants people to remember truths. With one piece, I watch her draw and animal with a ‘no smoking’ sign, reminding us that this particular vice is harmful to all creatures. Allison’s honesty and optimism create art that anyone can love and connect to.  

Interview and story by Haley Wagner, Writing and Content Development Intern   

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