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Dreamers Become Artists at Outside The Lines

by (otlgr)

Submitted 01-28-2011 under NONPROFITS

Tomorrow (Saturday, January 29th) brings the first annual "Outside the Lines" event to the Sazerac Lounge in Grand Rapids. Local "non-artists" are putting the last finishes on their entries, which will be voted on between 6PM-9PM at the event (...

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Dr. Sketchy's (Photo Story)

by (Jon Clay)

Submitted 12-01-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

On the last Saturday of every month, The Vivacious Miss Audacious (Audria Larsen), invites art monkeys, as she calls them, to join her at the The Sazerac Lounge for Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. It's like a normal life drawing class but with...

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