Grand Rapids Bach Festival is grand and glorious under inspired leadership of new artistic director Julian Wachner

by (ArtswriterGR)

Submitted 03-28-2019 under NONPROFITS

Linn Maxwell Keller founded the Grand Rapids Bach Festival to give her community the entertainment and enlightenment of experiencing music by the greatest composer in the history of Western Classical Music. Before her death in 2016, the mezzo...

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Hours after winning Grand Rapids Bach Festival's $10,000 Keller Award, singer makes unexpected debut at 12th biennial festival

by (GRSymphony)

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Singers competing for the Linn Maxwell Keller Distinguished Bach Musician Award were promised not only a $10,000 prize to encourage and promote their careers, but also the possibility of a future engagement with the Grand Rapids...

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Grand Rapids Bach Festival gets underway with music, yoga, free events, and a $10,000 prize

by (GRSymphony)

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New York City’s Trinity Church Wall Street is famous. The church founded in 1697 was the setting for the climax of the 2004 film National Treasure. Its St. Paul’s Chapel, located across the street from the World Trade Center in lower...

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Bach Chorale of Grand Rapids in concert November 4

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So, what exactly is the meaning of “Bach Chorale”? Well, originally it means a short piece of music, sung in four parts (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass). If you hear a hymn in church, sung in harmony, that’s pretty much what is...

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Classical Revolution GR hosts Chamber Music party

by (stevendavison)

Submitted 09-23-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

For any live music fan the following is a familiar setting: In a darkened bar the musicians take the stage and begin tuning their instruments, there is a perceptible electricity to the air as drinks are flowing and the crowd chatters in excited...

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