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In Season June 12, 2012

by (FultonStMarket)

Submitted 06-09-2012 under NONPROFITS

        Currently at the Market: Cherries Strawberries Sugar Peas Snap Peas Tunnel Grown Zucchini and Summer Squash Celery Root Rhubarb Greenhouse Tomatoes Carrots Granola Hummus, Tabouli, Quinoa Salad Asparagus...

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Nourish Organic Market continues to expand offerings

by (wendypchef)

Submitted 06-07-2012 under NEWS

Nearly a year ago, Sheri Rop made the transition from selling local and artisan food online to opening a storefront on Wealthy Street. What began as a small endeavor including just her and someone to help has blossomed into an ever-growing food...

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9th Annual Market presented by The Avenue for the Arts: Call for Volunteers

by (DwellingPlaceCo...)

Submitted 05-24-2012 under NONPROFITS

The Market presented by the Avenue for the Arts is back and bigger than ever.  There are so many ways you can get involved this year!  Right now, The Avenue is looking for ten volunteers for our street team and fifty volunteers to help the...

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Dressed to Sell: Angela Jones

by (DwellingPlaceCo...)

Submitted 05-10-2012 under NONPROFITS

The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to our first featured artist for The Market presented by the Avenue for the Arts. Angela Jones comes from a family of makers. She has always been a creative person and thanks to her parents,...

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Holiday Artists' Market Feature: Lisa Price

by (UICA)

Submitted 11-29-2011 under NONPROFITS

UICA's 23rd Annual Holiday Artists' Market is right around the corner and we asked a few of the artists some questions about their products for the market. Below Lisa Price answered our questions. 

Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew...

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In Season: June 25, 2016

by (FultonStMarket)

Submitted 08-29-2011 under NONPROFITS

Hot Items: Strawberries Cut Flowers Peas (Snow & Sugar) Produce: Apples Asparagus (Purple & Green) Arugula Beans (Dried) Beets Bok Choy Carrots Cilantro Cucumbers Eggplant Garlic Garden Transplants Green Beans Green Garlic Herbs Kale...

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Bartertown Almost Ready for Business

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 03-01-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Have you seen Michael Moore's film, Capitalism: A Love Story? If you have, then you may already know the idea of a worker cooperative. Simply put, it's each employee owning a stake in the business.    Numbers from the US Federation of...

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Food from Home: Local Vietnamese Market Attracts Attention

by (GRCC Compositio...)

Submitted 10-31-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

This article was written and revised by Erica Beerens, 
Kristi Brink
, Kristan Ghent, 
Jacob Torres, and 
Phuong-Loan Pham for EN 101-1300 at GRCC. When people in Grand Rapids think of grocery stores or markets, they usually think of the...

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Why Purchase Locally

by (grdominicans)

Submitted 12-22-2009 under NONPROFITS

by: Sisters Mary Lucille Janowiak OP and Barbara Hansen OP Where did the food on your Thanksgiving table come from? Did you have free range turkey from a local farm? Were the potatoes, green beans, wine and cranberries grown and produced in your...

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Local Economy = Living Wage

by (markrumsey)

Submitted 11-05-2009 under OPINION

Grand Rapids is doing relatively well riding the storm of the economic downturn that has crippled much of our state. Among the many reasons for this there is a primary one, being a vibrant local economy supported by businesses, residents, and non-...

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