Tree canopy report outlines success, offers recommendations

by (FriendsofGRParks)

Submitted 06-14-2016 under NONPROFITS

Despite what you may think, a C- is nothing to be ashamed of. At a young age we are taught that A+ is perfect, B+ is above average and a C is average. Thanks to social norms we have this idea that C- grade is something to be ashamed of. I beg to...

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Westside district to plant new trees in West Fulton business corridor

by (Andrew Sisson)

Submitted 05-10-2016 under NONPROFITS

In partnership with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, Urban Forest Project, and ITC Holdings, the Westside CID is excited to be awarded a mini-grant to plant over 15 trees targeting the West Fulton Business Corridor. Our hope is to cultivate community...

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East Hills urban canopy grows with 100 new trees

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 12-22-2015 under NEWS

The East Hills’ urban forest got a boost last week when the City of Grand Rapids planted 100 new trees in the area. The East Hills Council of Neighbors continues to work on their urban forest plan with the City of Grand Rapids.   “...

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Should we keep our trees?

by (FriendsofGRParks)

Submitted 07-03-2014 under NONPROFITS

Our community has set firm goals for tree canopy. Green Grand Rapids, the City’s Urban Forest Plan, Climate Resiliency Plan and the Sustainability Plan all highlight the City’s 40% tree canopy goal. It’s not just an arbitrary...

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ArtPrize "Canopy" makes a delicate connection

by (Peg Treegarden)

Submitted 09-23-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Artist Ann Chuchvara says her work "...addresses the delicate connections that bind us to what is no longer tangible and the elements that exist in the periphery of our daily lives."  Her work Canopy, on display at the Women's...

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