Child Safety

Federal government awards millions to Kent County, Grand Rapids for lead hazard removal

by (allisondonahue)

Submitted 11-03-2023 under NEWS

Half the houses in Grand Rapids were built before the 1978 federal ban on lead-based paint, leading to a higher proportion of children under six years old with elevated blood lead levels (EBLL) in Kent County, city and county officials said Tuesday...

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Family Futures provides Pack n' Plays and car seats to families in need

by (FamilyFutures)

Submitted 09-26-2022 under NONPROFITS

Family Futures is providing Pack n’ Plays and car seats to eligible families in Kent County to wrap up National Baby Safety Month. Parents and caregivers enrolled in Medicaid automatically qualify, but those at certain income levels without...

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200 volunteers improve Grand Rapids kids' lives, futures with play

by (BGC Grand Rapids)

Submitted 05-19-2014 under NONPROFITS

A playground is more than a playground. It’s a brain-expander, friend-maker and muscle-builder. Play is central to a child’s ability to grow into a productive adult. It can transform children from sedentary, bored and solitary to...

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