Local journalism instructor reflects on The Rapidian's role in his development

by (David V. Urban)

Submitted 10-31-2013 under VOICES

I remember that late May phone call that turned my summer plans on their head. It was less than two weeks after Calvin's 2012 commencement ceremony, and I was hoping to settle into a peaceful but productive June through August that would balance...

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Poetry and sculpture collaboration installed for ArtPrize

by (empichot)

Submitted 09-18-2013 under NEWS

This year at ArtPrize one can expect to find a little haven from all the chase enusing art enthusiasm. Right in front of the main entrance of GVSU's Eberhard Center, near the Blue Bridge and at the heart of it all is a quiet place where visitors...

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The Rapidian partners with Calvin College's student newspaper

by (David V. Urban)

Submitted 12-10-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

  The feed for The Rapidian has been busier in recent weeks, thanks in part to a recently established partnership between The Rapidian and Chimes, Calvin College’s student newspaper. This partnership encourages Calvin...

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