climate change

WMEAC Presents Grand Rapids Climate Resiliency Report Findings

by (WMEAC)

Submitted 12-03-2013 under NONPROFITS

Today, the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) presented the Grand Rapids Climate Resiliency Report which outlines the current condition of Grand Rapids climate resiliency and offers recommendations as to how the City of Grand Rapids...

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West MI Fractivist: Jeff Smith and the 'People's EPA' indict the oil & gas industry

by (TSzakal)

Submitted 05-10-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

With a welcoming smile and laid back attitude it’s difficult to imagine that a few short months ago Jeff Smith, founder of Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy (GRIID), was in jail for occupying the downtown office of Wolverine Oil...

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West MI Fractivist Sarah Barker sings for a silent spring

by (A.Stadler)

Submitted 05-10-2013 under OPINION

     No frogs, no birds left to sing     No mold to break down and lay down the foundation for everything     Progress has silenced forever, the joyful trickle and splash of spring ...

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Fracking comes to West Michigan

by (mlesert)

Submitted 05-10-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Perhaps you’ve seen them: billboards that aim to educate the public about horizontal hydraulic fracturing or fracking, a relatively new process of oil and gas extraction from deep shale layers. These frack facts, 49 numbered “fracts...

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Asking the weather experts: Is warm winter evidence of climate change?

by (jereldomer)

Submitted 03-09-2012 under NEWS

To date, this has been West Michigan’s second warmest winter on record since 1932. As we all know, a lot has happened since then in the way of CFC emmissions and greenhouse gas increases. This year's unseasonably warm temperatures and...

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