What did we learn about "Un día sin Inmigrantes"?

by (Paola R. Mendivil)

Submitted 02-20-2017 under OPINION

Leer este artículo en español | Read this article in Spanish   I remember it well. People did not show up for work, companies were operating without many employees, students missed school and thousands of businesses didn’t open their...

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The Rapidian hosts Intro to Community Journalism workshop at the Grand Rapids Public Library

by (brittany.devon)

Submitted 02-09-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

The Rapidian's Intro to Community Journalism Workshop began Tuesday with a presentation by Mariah Cowsert, Community Outreach Coordinator at The Rapidian. She explained how The Rapidian fits into Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Mariah...

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Raise your voice with community journalism

by (mariahcaitlin)

Submitted 01-31-2017 under NEWS

This February, The Rapidian will be hosting two workshops to strengthen and lift the voices of our community through journalism. Our Intro to Community Journalism and Community Journalism workshops will be hosted at the Grand Rapids Public Library...

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Ride The Rapid to ice skate, shop and visit trade shows in February

by (TheRapid)

Submitted 01-30-2017 under NONPROFITS

Don't let the chilly weather keep you inside this month. Let The Rapid be your warm, cozy ride to fun for every budget throughout Grand Rapids.  Whether you love cars and boats or just want to get out and do some shopping this month,...

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Artist Beatriz Santiago Muñoz to give talk at Civic Studio

by (civicstudio)

Submitted 01-27-2017 under NONPROFITS

Civic Studio, in conjunction with the GVSU Art & Design Department’s Visiting Artist Committee, is honored to host a lecture by artist Beatriz Santiago Muñoz at 6:30 p.m. on February 1, 2017, at Civic Studio’s current project site at...

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Seven reasons to ride the bus more in 2017

by (TheRapid)

Submitted 01-03-2017 under NONPROFITS

A new year offers a chance for new intentions and goals. If you’re seeking something meaningful to stick with this year, there’s one goal we think you should try on for size: riding the bus more. OK — We may be a little biased, but...

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Encore! A national movement expands locally

by (Lois Guinn)

Submitted 12-12-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

For many people across the country, retirement brings one common question: What now? “The Baby Boomer generation has been all work, work, work,” said Jane Royer. “You spend so much time mastering your job and suddenly you have...

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Shop local this holiday season

by (TheRapid)

Submitted 12-08-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

It’s time to think small this holiday season. While Small Business Saturday may be behind us, you can still make an impact in your community by shopping at small businesses this holiday season. If you have holiday shopping to tackle, we...

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Building community around a tabletop

by (Brianna Steiner)

Submitted 12-08-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

On a green, felt table a group of tabletop gamers lay out their board and its pieces, getting ready to begin their play. Their game of choice tonight: Agricola. The gamers will strategize, laugh, and engage with like-minded community members in a...

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West Michigan hunters help feed the hungry, give hope

by (Michigan Wildli...)

Submitted 12-07-2016 under NONPROFITS

COMSTOCK PARK – Flanked by his wife and children, he hung his head and explained there was no money for groceries. “Well, I can’t help you with groceries. But I sure as heck can help you with some meat,” proclaimed 81-year-...

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