Concerned community members speak at Kent County Commission Public Comment

by (Movimiento Cose...)

Submitted 10-12-2018 under NONPROFITS

After over three months of appeals to the Sheriff and the Kent County Commissioners, there has been no action by Kent County’s elected officials to end the unnecessary and violent contract with ICE.   GR Rapid Response to ICE receives...

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People's Commission to end the ICE contract takes over Kent County Commission

by (arcarpenter)

Submitted 09-14-2018 under NEWS

Concerned residents again demanded that the Kent County Commission end the contract with ICE to, as they put it, "stop taking money to hold our immigrant neighbors for their deportation." The Kent County contract with ICE was first signed...

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Meeting with Kent County officials ends with Movimiento Cosecha GR members walking out

by (jproth1)

Submitted 08-07-2018 under PLACE-MATTERS

Members of Movimiento Cosecha GR and GR Rapid Response to ICE met with representatives from Kent County on Monday, August 6, 2018 to discuss ending the County's contract with ICE. The meeting, facilitated by Assistant County Administrator...

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Local immigrant rights groups hold press conference over ICE detentions

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 04-25-2018 under NEWS

On Wednesday, April 25, Cosecha GR and GR Rapid Response to ICE cohosted what they called an emergency press conference at the corner of Hastings and Ottawa on Grand Rapids' northwest side.  About 20 people, both speakers and supportive...

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Immigrant tells the story of their journey with a poem

by (arcarpenter)

Submitted 04-24-2018 under VOICES

From Saturday, April 28 to Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Movimiento Cosecha GR will be calling for a four-day Puente, a strike and boycott to show the power of immigrants in the West Michigan economy. To highlight one of the stories from area immigrants,...

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Movimiento Cosecha plans people's march and other actions to fight for immigrant justice

by (arcarpenter)

Submitted 04-24-2018 under NEWS

Many have heard of Movimiento Cosecha GR - translated to The Harvest Movement - an immigrant justice movement that is rising in West Michigan. In a short 14 months, this collection of local grassroots organizers has highlighted the lives and...

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We must continue to fight for rights of all immigrants

by (Scastro329)

Submitted 05-25-2017 under OPINION

Cosecha is a movement that is working towards dignity, respect and permanent protection for all documented and undocumented immigrants through nonviolent actions to bring awareness that immigrants are vital assets to the United States as well as...

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