UICA reveals nearly lost Detroit art treasure

by (RickBeerhorst)

Submitted 12-10-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

I came to the work of Mary Ann Aitken with a lot of anticipation. My old friend and painter Ed Fraga who has been a full time artist for years in Detroit had told me about Aitken's untimely death and her last request of him to mount a...

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Asia Monet Ray and Jordyn Jones visit Grand Rapids!

by (Anonymous)

Submitted 12-04-2013 under NEWS

     Asia Monet Ray and Jordyn Jones held a master class and exclusive meet and greet on November 17, 2013 at Expressions Dance in Wyoming. The event was held to raise money for The Brand UR and antibully charity both girls support. A...

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Story Matters: Chris Waterman, Jeremy Wells, Joe Wells get to share ArtPrize together

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 09-24-2013 under NONPROFITS

We build community when we share our stories - whether they be a memory, an experience or just simply telling what we think is great about this place. While at various ArtPrize venues throughout the event, The Rapidian's Story Matters...

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Glance at the Past - Charter and Seal

by (WYCE)

Submitted 08-29-2013 under NONPROFITS

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Failure-Lab to host show in Detroit

by (Ana Olvera)

Submitted 08-29-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Failure-Lab, the Grand Rapids-based speaker series that focuses on failure rather than success, will soon be making its way to Detroit. The show will be held November 21 at the Detroit Opera House. The inaugural show in May sold out the 400-seat...

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Paradigm shifts and detractors: Decriminalization from Grand Rapids to Portugal

by (Daveed)

Submitted 12-28-2012 under OPINION

Decriminalizing marijuana locally as well as nationally seems not only logical but ethical and sensible. In a country where tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals are the norm, it seems ludicrous that marijuana is not yet decriminalized in the United...

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Site:Lab and its Detroit artists win big in ArtPrize juried awards

by (alexfluegel)

Submitted 10-06-2012 under OPINION

A small crowd had gathered inside of Site:Lab to watch the livestream of the 2012 ArtPrize Winners Announcement. A number of works being shown (and the venue itself) were in the running to win the coveted Jurors' Awards, and as the time drew...

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Daniel Farnum's photography hits home

by (laurelgreen)

Submitted 07-23-2012 under OPINION

Impoverished circumstances as the subject matter for art is nothing new, especially within Michigan. Many artists and photographers have flocked to Detroit in particular to document the culmination of the city’s downfall. Though this...

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"Cities in Transition" exhibit explores changing cities

by (laurelgreen)

Submitted 07-05-2012 under OPINION

“Cities in Transition,” the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM)’s new exhibit, invites the discussion about what is required of our cities to remain relevant as we, and our cultures and expectations, evolve over time.The...

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Civil rights hero comes to Grand Rapids for documentary screening

by (jtstoner)

Submitted 05-25-2012 under OPINION

Most of the news coming out of Detroit for the last 50 years has been on a trajectory moving from bad to worse. From the implosion of the auto industry to reports of rampant crime, poverty, failing schools and evacuated neighborhoods, public...

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