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Dreamers Become Artists at Outside The Lines

by (otlgr)

Submitted 01-28-2011 under NONPROFITS

Tomorrow (Saturday, January 29th) brings the first annual "Outside the Lines" event to the Sazerac Lounge in Grand Rapids. Local "non-artists" are putting the last finishes on their entries, which will be voted on between 6PM-9PM at the event (...

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by (jennschaub)

Submitted 07-01-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Since I just got done loading up all of my pictures from June I had the harsh realization that 1/3 of summer is OVER! (small panic) and frankly while it has been chock full of  Grand Rapids goodness I really need to get my butt in gear to make...

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Downtown: Free-Style (part II)

by (mnickels5)

Submitted 03-15-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Same great fun, now with 0 cost. For this second installment of, “Downtown: Free-Style,” you are invited to take a tour of the city. Put on some good walking shoes, bring a camera and a map, and get ready to enjoy all the free activities our city...

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Downtown: Free-Style (part I)

by (mnickels5)

Submitted 03-08-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Why pay when you can have fun for free (or close to it)? Downtown Grand Rapids has hundreds of places to go and things to do. Entire Web sites and advertising campaigns tout the day-time events and vibrant nightlife, but these things cost money. All...

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