"Voiceless" - Private Film Screening

by (grrtl)

Submitted 08-03-2016 under

Grand Rapids Right to Life is sponsoring an advance screening of the prolife film "Voiceless" on Thursday, October 6, at 7:00 PM at Celebration! Cinema North. "Voiceless" is about Jesse Dean, a recently discharged soldier, who...

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Movie Review: "The Lobster" at the UICA

by (KCAD)

Submitted 06-14-2016 under OPINION

As a film coordinator, I spend a lot of time watching and studying the best independent cinema available and I’m usually presented with 
the same old traditional three-act-structured narrative. Whether it’s drama, comedy, horror, etc.,...

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Contemporary Conversation: UICA discusses independent vs indie film

by (KCAD)

Submitted 05-24-2016 under NONPROFITS

Did you know that there’s a movie theater downtown? You might not know it, but there is a cinematic gem located in the heart of Grand Rapids that film fans have been frequenting for years. The UICA Movie Theater, located on the corner of...

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Cohousing Open House and Movie Screening

by (bultentom)

Submitted 04-18-2016 under

Newberry Place Cohousing Community and Boston Square Community Bikes welcome you to the neighborhood on Saturday, April 30, 2016 as part of National Cohousing Open House Day. Learn about a modern alternative to the old-fashioned neighborhood. 800...

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Local artists, actors collaborate in new screendance exhibition at UICA

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 01-05-2016 under NEWS

"A Gallery Exhibition of New Works in Screendance" will be showing at the UICA this coming Friday, January 8 through Sunday, January 17. Local artists Amy Wilson of Dance in the Annex, Erin Wilson of ArtPeers, local hip-hop artists Patrick...

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ArtPrize attracts film, game design live/learn/work community to Grand Rapids

by (Michelle Newson)

Submitted 10-05-2015 under OPINION

ArtPrize has put Grand Rapids, Mich on the art map on an international level. Now ArtPrize artist David Prindle (creator of the animated short "Snow Monster" displayed on the second floor of the B.O.B.) is a part of a project aimed at...

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ArtPrize grows to include stage, screen, hands-on experiences

by (averym92)

Submitted 09-23-2015 under NEWS

ArtPrize is hosting new events this year as it continues to grow and evolve. As it draws in more artists and visitors, ArtPrize has also been growing to include more than just visual aspects of art and teaming up with events that are already a part...

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Why we need a Feminist Film Festival

by (lydiavanhoven)

Submitted 09-08-2015 under OPINION

In the top 100 highest grossing films of 2014, women represented a total of 30% of all speaking characters, often as a wife or mother. When we break down the numbers by race and gender, the statistics are even more bleak. Out of that small 30%, only...

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GR Reads: The Movies – The Haunting

by (grpl)

Submitted 05-28-2015 under

In this 1963 classic, a scientist doing research on the paranormal invites two women to a haunted mansion. One of the participants soon starts losing her mind. Tickets are available at or at the box office. Show your GRPL library card for...

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Round trip to NYC for price of admission to GRAM

by (RickBeerhorst)

Submitted 05-22-2015 under NEWS

The Whitney Museum of American Art and Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) are developing a special relationship. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of local fashion designer Pam DeVos and GRAM Director and CEO Dana Friis-Hansen, the GRAM has begun to...

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