Folk singer to be honored at WYCE Jammies awards show

by (dansteenwyk)

Submitted 02-19-2014 under NEWS

Folk singer Joel Mabus will be presented with the 2014 WYCE Legacy Award this Friday night as part of the 15th WYCE Jammie Awards. The Portage-based singer’s 2013 banjo-only album, "Pepper’s Ghost (and other Banjo Visitations),...

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The Intersection to host 15th annual WYCE Jammies Awards

by (erictank)

Submitted 02-18-2014 under NEWS

On Friday, February 21 the Intersection will host the 15th annual WCYE Jammies awards presented by Bell's Brewery. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the awards celebration lasts until 11 p.m. The event is all ages and free to the public. Donations are...

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Potato Moon tells the story of a "Ghost"

by (WYCE_Matt)

Submitted 07-11-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

One of the most decorated bands in WYCE Jammie Awards history, Grand Rapids' Potato Moon went five years between releases, re-emerging in the summer of 2012 with The Ghost Sessions: June 2010 - March 2012. To discuss the new album, I met with...

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Ghost Heart shares how their songs take shape

by (adragt)

Submitted 02-14-2012 under NEWS

Ghost Heart will be kicking off The Jammies main stage performances with their atmospheric riffs and driving beats. I sat down and asked them to talk about what influences them and how their unique mixture of musical styles comes together in the...

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Gifts or Creatures' Pilot House invites listeners to Sail Along

by (acknot)

Submitted 02-14-2012 under OPINION

The view from a pilothouse is dynamic for even the most weathered skipper. Changing currents, landscapes and climates extend seafarers an almost irresistible invitation to keep coming back. In their inaugural album of September 2010, titled Pilot...

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Alexis continues full steam ahead in 2012

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 02-14-2012 under OPINION

Electronic music is making quite the jump from the underground to mainstream conciousness. Whether it's Skrillex winning Grammy awards or M83 getting loads of recognition, it is a good time to be part of the electronic movement. Grand...

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The Crane Wives hit the Jammies this Tuesday

by (Dom Garrett)

Submitted 02-14-2012 under OPINION

I have known The Crane Wives for quite a while now and have been friends with them for the majority of that time. So when I offered to write about them for the coverage of the Tuesdays Jammies, at which they are nominated for six awards, I thought...

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An Dro nominated for Best Traditional Album in Jammie Awards

by (mjcarpenter)

Submitted 02-13-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

An Dro, a West Michigan Celtic/World Beat band, is described in the WYCE Fresh Picks Blog as “a feast of Celtic sounds from an esteemed collection of the area’s finest traditional musicians." It isn't easy to classify this band...

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Music beat reporters needed for The Rapidian

by (Ken Ford)

Submitted 02-02-2012 under OPINION

What is the music beat? The Rapidian's Music Beat is a community of reporters that engage in the local Grand Rapids music scene. Who's welcome to join? Everyone! The community of reporters will work as a team to cover any and all genres of...

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