Top five reasons to join The Rapidian's Intro to Community Journalism session on August 18

by (Kiran Sood Patel)

Submitted 08-05-2016 under VOICES

This month, The Rapidian will kick off a series of three events focused on community journalism, Grand Rapids and your role in the future of this community. Do you read articles, stories, features and commentary on The Rapidian? Do you want to learn...

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Catalyst Radio: a conversation with the new Rapidian Editor

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 06-20-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Kiran Sood Patel, new managing editor of The Rapidian, shares stories and insights from her years of journalism and working in media. Sood Patel joins the Grand Rapids Community Media Center team with a passion for citizen journalism, expanded...

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The Rapidian welcomes new Managing Editor

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 05-17-2016 under PLACE-MATTERS

Kiran Sood Patel joins The Rapidian as its new Managing Editor this week. Sood Patel recently moved to Grand Rapids from Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she worked for The Gazette for three years. Sood Patel studied journalism for both her Bachelor's...

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How I learned to stop worrying and love citizen journalism: A farewell to Managing Editor Holly Bechiri

by (Marjorie Steele)

Submitted 02-26-2016 under OPINION

I first met Holly Bechiri, who departs from The Rapidian today, when she asked to hold a “Story Fort” at a downtown space managed by my at-the-time employer. I didn’t know much about The Rapidian then, or citizen journalism, for...

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The Rapidian to honor, celebrate citizen journalists at local restaurant

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 01-19-2016 under NEWS

Join us at The Rapidian in celebrating Grand Rapids' citizen journalists and local conversations at our Reporter Celebration on January 25. It will be hosted by Luna GR and feature a free appetizer bar. We’ve said it over and over,...

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Young writers at Harrison Park Elementary to share community stories on The Rapidian

by (Harrison Park M...)

Submitted 12-02-2015 under NONPROFITS

Harrison Park Media Team reporters interviewed themselves for their first article on The Rapidian. The students have been writing for their school newspaper since September and are now writing for the broader Grand Rapids community. The Media Team...

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The Rapidian adds Advisory Council to support local writers

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 10-27-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

It's been quite a year at The Rapidian. We've had stories about Title IX proceedings at GVSU in a rape case, hosted conversations about how we can better support local food and the role the Downtown Market plays in it, talked about...

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Our place, your voices: The Rapidian is a necessary tool for community change

by (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 05-18-2015 under OPINION

I remember well first learning about the concept for The Rapidian. It was in the Sparrows coffee shop that Laurie Cirvello - the visionary and then director of the Community Media Center - told me about this concept of a citizen-led online...

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Catalyst Radio: Creative Youth Center teaches writing, gives youth enthusiasm for learning

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 04-21-2015 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW In this episode of Catalyst Radio we learn about the Creative Youth Center, where kids become published authors.  Through writing workshops and...

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Empowering community voices through celebrated difference

by (Briana)

Submitted 04-01-2015 under VOICES

Hello! I’m Briana Urena-Ravelo, and I’m the new Community Engagement specialist at The Rapidian. I am a community organizer, social justice activist, avid writer, poet and big mouth. I love basement shows, music, local restaurants,...

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