Matt Jarrells

The Red Sea Pedestrians take Abbey Road to Wealthy Theatre

by (WYCE)

Submitted 10-28-2011 under NONPROFITS

Kalamazoo's The Red Sea Pedestrians "world roots" music has been said to delight Michigan listening audiences, as evidenced by the band earning two WYCE Jammie Awards. Before bringing "The Red Sea Pedestrians and The Corn Fed...

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Valentiger: The Speed of Culture

by (WYCE_Matt)

Submitted 05-05-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Matt Jarrells catches up with independent Grand Rapids band Valentiger in the wake of the release and tour in support of Oh, To Know!  The interview was recorded at a corner table at west side best-kept-secret The Kopper Top Restaurant, Tuesday...

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WYCE talks to Drew Howard, Michigan's steel guitar wiz

by (WYCE)

Submitted 01-04-2011 under NONPROFITS

They call him "Captain Midnite." I decided to leave that one to the imagination, though through 33 years of music, a 62 album discography ('I think maybe I'm missing a couple') and 'thousands of bands', Michigan's...

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Badenya Drumming Ensemble blends tradition with originality

by (Jewly Warren)

Submitted 11-09-2010 under OPINION

I had the pleasure of seeing the drumming ensemble, Badenya, several times this past year. I was surprised to learn they had only been playing as a group since January 2009. Most of the compositions are written collectively by the members Matt...

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