Local Artist-Photographer Terry Johnston Hosts Free Artist Photoshoot

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 06-07-2010 under NONPROFITS

Grand Rapids freelance photographer and local arts advocate Terry Johnston is excited about a new, personal project, focusing on "starving artists" - a condition Johnston describes as "a very real possibility when a community doesn't value its local...

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GRCMC offering Verified Resume training program to youth ages 16-24.

by (GRCMC Media Ed)

Submitted 04-13-2010 under NONPROFITS

The Community Media Center is one of five sites selected to be part of a national Verified Resume Project funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.  The CMC will train youth and also assist other Michigan based organizations, to create...

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On the Record: Dustin Dwyer

by (KWashburn)

Submitted 04-06-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

A Q&A with Michigan Radio’s West Michigan reporter Dustin Dwyer thinks only three people listen to his podcasts on Michigan Radio. He’s fascinated by Bigfoot. And, he says he’s not cool enough to fit into the local music scene. These are just a...

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On the Record: Chris Knape

by (KWashburn)

Submitted 02-08-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

A Q&A with a Grand Rapids Press business reporter WHAT DOES GRAND RAPIDS NEED?Grand Rapids has been really lucky and I’ve been lucky just to be here in the last seven years because I’ve seen so much of what I thought it needed come to pass.Right...

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An Intro to Citizen Journalism - the rapidian press pit #3

by (scott warren)

Submitted 02-01-2010 under OPINION

 This past week  the Rapidian's 3rd press pit, which brought a chance for local citizen journalists to come together and exchange ideas and gain advice from each other, was held at the Rapidian's Wealthy St office. I was anxious to meet...

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