Oh to Know

West Michigan Indie Podcast: Episode #13- Valentiger

by (jquatrine)

Submitted 10-02-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

In this episode Icicles' keyboardist, Joleen Rumsey, and I drank some beers at Billy's Lounge with Brent Shirey, Scott Rider, and Bill Kahler of Valentiger. Podcast includes excerpts of their tracks: Oh, To Know!; Another Cool Move; Why I...

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Valentiger: The Speed of Culture

by (WYCE_Matt)

Submitted 05-05-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Matt Jarrells catches up with independent Grand Rapids band Valentiger in the wake of the release and tour in support of Oh, To Know!  The interview was recorded at a corner table at west side best-kept-secret The Kopper Top Restaurant, Tuesday...

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