Online survey connects Kent County parents to resources

by (FamilyFutures)

Submitted 10-13-2022 under NONPROFITS

The Kent County Parenting Support Site ( is a website that connects families to local home visiting programs that allow them to nurture their children’s health, development, and school readiness. Parents answer a few...

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Family Futures provides Pack n' Plays and car seats to families in need

by (FamilyFutures)

Submitted 09-26-2022 under NONPROFITS

Family Futures is providing Pack n’ Plays and car seats to eligible families in Kent County to wrap up National Baby Safety Month. Parents and caregivers enrolled in Medicaid automatically qualify, but those at certain income levels without...

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services spotlight: Learning to advocate while parenting

by (ncluley)

Submitted 07-11-2017 under OPINION

We generally don’t think about a cause or a different lifestyle unless we are personally going through it or living it. Unless, of course, someone close to us is experiencing the situation. This is our story. Our third child, Hannah, is hard...

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Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan provides support, resources for children with Down syndrome and their families

by (GRTV)

Submitted 12-07-2016 under NONPROFITS

In this week’s segment of GRTV’s NPO Showcase, April Sawhill, Executive Director, and Lindsey Kloeckner, Parent Member, discuss the resources available through the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan (DSAWM), the Early Stages...

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Auburn Hills: Anatomy of shielding

by (kylenlim)

Submitted 05-19-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

The story of Auburn Hills is a story of triumph - where in the face of fear and unfamiliarity, our community saw the creation of a new space, an integrated space. This series documents this important piece of our city’s history, and includes...

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Catalyst Radio: MomsBloom is women volunteering to serve women with newborns

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 03-11-2015 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW In this episode of Catalyst Radio we feature the local nonprofit MomsBloom – a women-supporting-women organization focusing on mothers with...

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Free Self-Improvement Workshop: Parenting Tweens and Teens

by (Kerrie Clark)

Submitted 10-03-2014 under

"Not for the Faint of Heart: Parenting Tweens and Teens" will be led by therapist Laura Hockenberry, MP, LLP. Anyone is welcome to attend this free workshop. Call Counseling in the Pines at 616-364-3301 by the Friday before to register and...

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NPO Showcase: MomsBloom

by (GRTV)

Submitted 08-25-2014 under NONPROFITS

This segment of NPO Showcase features MomsBloom, an organization who is building strong families through support and advocacy for new parents. Sara Binkley-Tow, Executive Director and Co-Founder of MomsBloom, joins us in studio to share about her...

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Statewide funding cut hurts local families

by (FamilyFutures)

Submitted 10-24-2012 under NONPROFITS

On October 1, state funding for the Prevention Pilot Project in Michigan was unexpectedly cut from 11 service agencies in Grand Rapids, Flint and metro Detroit. These agencies had been responsible for reducing caseloads for Child Protective Services...

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Men's Spirituality Breakfast Series

by (DominicanCenter...)

Submitted 05-01-2012 under NONPROFITS

A new monthly series for men is being offered at Dominican Center at Marywood. Mark your calendars for the fourth Wednesday of every month beginning on May 23rd from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.    This series offers men an opportunity...

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