A big move in preparation for ArtPrize 2016

by (SiTE-LAB)

Submitted 07-05-2016 under NONPROFITS

For SiTE:LAB, a Grand Rapids-based arts non-profit, and Julie Schenkelberg, a Brooklyn- and Grand Rapids-based artist, “moving house” recently meant raising a house on Franklin Street SW off its foundation, rotating it and moving across...

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Nomadic placemaking: Art designed to help communities see future potential

by (tclinton)

Submitted 10-06-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

We frequently use the term "nomadic" to describe SiTE:LAB. I love that word choice because it makes it clear that our business model of moving from place to place is a conscious choice. The most frequent questions I get asked by visitors...

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ArtPrize 2014 Awards: Anila Quayyum Agha wins hearts of jurors, public

by (Ana Olvera)

Submitted 10-11-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

The point of ArtPrize is to get people talking and thinking about art, and it did. Todd Herring, ArtPrize director of marketing and communications, started the awards ceremony with a slow-jam performance about the “tension”-filled...

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Go deeper: Community Media Center prepares unique ArtPrize coverage

by (tclinton)

Submitted 09-09-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Last month, ArtPrize announced its expanded Critical Discourse series, which includes seven events, talks and panel discussions, including a two-night critique of the pieces making up the Top 20 in the public vote and juried award short lists. The...

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SiTE:LAB to host ArtPrize exhibition preview to benefit The Rapidian

by (SiTE-LAB)

Submitted 09-02-2014 under NEWS

What do you get when you combine passionate people with a common belief and lots of drive? You get the likes of SiTE:LAB and The Rapidian. One is an all-volunteer, nonprofit arts group that hosts temporary art installations in previously vacant and...

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ArtPeers to participate at SiTE:LAB during ArtPrize 2012

by (ArtPeers)

Submitted 09-17-2012 under NONPROFITS

ArtPeers is proud this year to participate in the SiTE:LAB venue during ArtPrize 2012. ArtPeers is participating in two ways: presenting a kiosk and presenting the debut of a new video series, all during the weeks of ArtPrize at SiTE:LAB. Kiosk: We...

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Catalyst Radio: SiteLab and pop-up art galleries

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 10-01-2010 under NONPROFITS

This week, in studio guest is Paul Amenta of SiteLab. SiteLab is known in Grand Rapids for projects like ActiveSite and Michigan - Land of Riches, which were both pop-up galleries of site-specific installations. Art pieces in SiteLab draw...

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