Community Updates: Friday, December 30

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 12-30-2022 under NEWS

Warmer Weather Coming to Grand Rapids, City Encourages Residents to Keep Storm Drains Clear According to a tweet from the National Weather Service, over 24 inches of snow was dropped on the City of Grand Rapids during last week's blizzard (from...

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Snowy Doings Within Grand Rapids Bounds

by (tonia.hauser)

Submitted 01-09-2015 under OPINION

To those who find contentment in deeply breathing Michigan’s fresh, icy air, happy to frolic outside over these winterous months — trust that you’re not alone in your bliss! Grab a friend and slide on over to one of these...

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Software developers win contest for innovative snow plow app

by (erictank)

Submitted 10-21-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Software developers Eric Buehler, Joshua Hulst and Ryan Graffy recently took the grand prize in the Code Michigan 2014 contest that encourages innovation and technology through the use of government platforms and databases.  The competition...

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Century-old garage collapses on Diamond by Wealthy, no injuries reported

by (Holly)

Submitted 02-06-2014 under NEWS

The large green garage behind Bazzani Associates (959 Wealthy Street SE) collapsed on Thursday at 12:49 p.m. No one was in or next to the building when it unexpectedly collapsed, though several classic cars and employee cars were in the garage at...

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West Michigan winters I have known

by (rachelcc)

Submitted 12-12-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Winter seems to have gotten the jump on us this year with that arctic blast we got even before Thanksgiving. Michigan - always keeping it interesting! Last year we had a dry, rather balmy beginning to winter, until someone upstairs finally...

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Preparing to Drive in West Michigan Snow

by (rachelcc)

Submitted 11-09-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The Farmers' Almanac is predicting a "biting cold & snowy" winter for the Great Lakes this year.  Are you ready?  Of course, the Farmers' Almanac could be all wet like it has been before, but this being Michigan and...

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Holiday "Snow Buddies" from Younkers stores help raise money for local Boys & Girls Clubs

by (BGC Grand Rapids)

Submitted 12-10-2009 under NONPROFITS

Whether sledding or skating, winter fun is always doubled when enjoying it with a friend. And Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., who operates Bergner’s, Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s, Parisian and Younkers, wants to...

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