Restaurant Week Specials include Dinner AND a Show

by (Heritage Theatr...)

Submitted 08-18-2015 under NONPROFITS

What better to do after a fantastic dinner during Restaurant Week, than to go see a musical about people in the food service industry?   Heritage Theatre Group presents TIP$ the Musical.  This original show features snark, sass and...

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TIP$ the Musical

by (Heritage Theatr...)

Submitted 07-29-2015 under

Jenny is having a bad day, Rob is enjoying torturing Kyle, Lauren is having the longest day ever, and if only Jane could build up the courage to ask her out, all while Kim tries to run her bar! This toe tapping musical is full of snark, swearing,...

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Wealthy Theatre invites public to major press conference

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 07-14-2015 under NONPROFITS

A press conference, scheduled for 10:45 a.m. on Thursday at Community Media Center's Wealthy Theatre, will reveal several major announcements about the culmination of a multi-year project to upgrade and "green" the theatre. "There...

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A musical revue you won't want to miss! "Smokey Joe's Cafe" dances onto the HSRT stage!

by (HSRTheatre)

Submitted 07-04-2015 under NONPROFITS

HOLLAND, MI - Come out and join HSRT for a journey through rock and roll history. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller graced the charts with their unforgettable music and lyrics, and now you can hear nearly 40 of their hits all together in “Smokey...

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Rapid Delivery Improv

by (Healing-Improv)

Submitted 05-01-2015 under

RAPID DELIVERY IMPROV, the resident improv comedy troupe of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre delivers a fast paced, 90-minute comedy show featuring short form, musical, and game show parody improvs created from audience suggestions. No holds barred...

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Draw Me Out, a new play by Laura Uzarski

by (mbquillin)

Submitted 04-06-2015 under

Draw Me Out, April 30 - May 3, 2015 at the Dog Story Theater.  This two-act show features Drew, a shy, withdrawn teen suffering from bi-polar disorder. We follow his days at school, relationships with his mom, sister and her friends, his new...

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[exit Mrs Behn] or, The Leo Play

by (csv001)

Submitted 01-29-2015 under

February 24-25, Tuesday & Wednesday, 8pmGrand Rapids playwright Christopher vanDer Ark will present a new play in the Zodiac Sequence. Aphra Behn: England's first professional, female writer. Part-time playwright, part-time courtier, and...

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Homeschool Performing Arts Production of the Music Man

by (veronicahetke)

Submitted 01-05-2015 under

  Ladies and Gentlemen!          Either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge, or you are unaware… of the amazing show that is about to take place in your community!...

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Ambrosia Theater works to provide small, intimate, flexible performance space

by (Holly)

Submitted 11-04-2014 under NEWS

Sarah Mayne has been running Bellydance Grand Rapids (959 Lake Drive SE) in the Blackport Building on Lake Drive for 10 years starting on the first floor until seven years ago when she moved to a larger space upstairs. But as her dance...

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Dressed To Kill

by (MurderMysteryCompany)

Submitted 10-21-2014 under

Here at The Murder Mystery Company we offer a two hour live action, interactive, murder mystery show. The moment you walk in the door you will be wrapped up in a thrilling whodunit experience, mingling with crazy characters and shady suspects in an...

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