"Marilyn's Kennedy" play set for world premier in May, auditions this weekend

by (The University Wits)

Submitted 03-21-2014 under NONPROFITS

The story shows audiences some of our nation's most iconic figures in some of their darkest moments. Love, lust, power, and beauty collide in this intense account of the secrets in our American Camelot. Performances for this production will be...

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Heritage Theatre turns to Kickstarter to produce Blithe Spirit

by (Heritage Theatr...)

Submitted 12-01-2013 under NONPROFITS

Like any other nonprofit community theatre company, Heritage Theatre Group can’t sustain itself on ticket sales alone; this year, they’re trying a new method of raising $3,500: running a Kickstarter campaign to produce Noel Coward’...

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Story Cafe builds community through storytelling

by (Waltonm)

Submitted 08-13-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Billy and Marcia Angel's love of storytelling has followed them across oceans and continents. The couple has been hosting an evening called Story Rounds in the houses where they've lived in London, Whales and Florida. They would invite...

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UICA screening French film "Something in the Air"

by (laurelgreen)

Submitted 06-28-2013 under OPINION

Olivier Assayas’ new film “Something in the Air” opened at the UICA this Friday. The film follows a group of secondary school students in Paris as they marinate in their own discontent and mild revolutionary spirit. The film’...

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"Let It Be" revisits classic Beatles repertoire

by (adrian)

Submitted 09-14-2012 under OPINION

A few Mondays ago, Aquinas College's Circle Theatre hosted an event quite different than the average musical. Indeed it had music, dance and theatrics in abundance but instead of a play, the troupe, dubbed "Let It Be," performed...

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Local theater hosts international debut of next-gen, sustainable stage lighting

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 05-10-2012 under NONPROFITS

An American company has developed a protoype version of the most revolutionary stage lighting instrument in over three decades: an LED version of the Source 4 light, by ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls). And this weekend, with the support of the ETC...

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Emperor's New Clothes - Kabuki Style

by (MasterArts)

Submitted 06-27-2011 under NONPROFITS

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Kabuki Style “Ten thousand greetings and welcome,” begins the Stage Keeper of Master Arts Theatre’s Youth Summer Stock’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, July 22 – 30, 2011....

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"¡Grease" es la palabra!

by (Andy Angelo Pre...)

Submitted 03-30-2011 under NONPROFITS

*Read this article in English | Leer este artículo en inglésEdición a cargo de Ruthie Paulson Gómez   Los reporteros principiantes del Club Prensa GAAH tuvieron la oportunidad de ver la obra Grease en vivo por la primera vez recientemente. Lo...

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Making Sense of Cangue League's "Flowers"

by (DWalsh)

Submitted 03-11-2011 under OPINION

I ventured out last Saturday to see the third and final night of Cangue League’s play "Flowers" at Dog Story Theater (7 Jefferson Avenue SE). The play had been billed as avant-garde and I was looking forward to seeing...

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Denali: Local playwright's hot little number in sub-zero setting

by (Amy McFadden)

Submitted 11-16-2010 under OPINION

"People give you things so you'll open the door. So they can see inside."   On Nov. 5, local playwright Austin Bunn gave 50 of us at Spectrum Theater's black box space the gift of a high-stakes plot and intricately connected characters in the...

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