Ethics and Religion Talk: Is it ethical to modify an animal genome to transplant organs into humans?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 05-06-2024 under OPINION

Rev. Ray Lanning, a retired minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, responds: Human beings have been genetically modifying animals and plants of many kinds for thousands of years. Genesis 30 records the diligent efforts of...

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Transplant Games of America to come to GVSU this July

by (eschroeder)

Submitted 05-21-2012 under NEWS

To qualify for the Transplant Games of America you must have either undergone transplant surgery six months prior to the games and be in a healthy condition, or be a living donor. This year the games will take place from the 28th to the 31st of July...

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Catalyst Radio: Meet citizen journalism reporter Rob Cole

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 01-27-2012 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now?  Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure. INTERVIEW This episode of Catalyst Radio features one of the citizen journalism reporters publishing on our news site, The Rapidian. With more than a dozen...

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