Ethics and Religion Talk: What do visitors to your place of worship need to know?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 06-17-2024 under OPINION

Linda Knieriemen, a retired pastor of the Presbyterian Church (USA), responds: Visitors and non-members are permitted to participate in every way, including participating in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Even for the questioner, the...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Being a Respectful Visitor

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 11-07-2022 under OPINION

“I have a curiosity about other religions and have thought about visiting various houses of worship. My concern is that while it may be a sign of respect to participate in whatever rituals and prayers are offered, I don’t want to perform...

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GOSite Pop Up introductory site open to public

by (erictank)

Submitted 08-26-2014 under NEWS

The GOSite is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until September 13. The information center located at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) is currently gleaning public insight as to how GOSite will continue to develop.  GOSite is staffed...

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