32nd Annual Fair Housing Luncheon & Workshop Series

by (FHCWM)

Submitted 03-25-2019 under NONPROFITS

The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan (FHCWM), a private, non-profit fair housing organization committed to preventing and eliminating housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity through education, outreach, research, advocacy...

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Better Body Image Conference aims to start conversation about positive body image in Grand Rapids

by (conniex721)

Submitted 02-06-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

The Better Body Image Conference aims to shape and redefine the concept of self and foster a positive body image by incorporating diverse definitions of beauty, cultivating positive speech around the body, and fostering self-compassion. The...

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Learn to tell your story on The Rapidian

by (Kiran Sood Patel)

Submitted 09-05-2017 under NONPROFITS

With Labor Day Weekend past us, the start of fall is right around the corner. The Rapidian will host its first fall Community Journalism Workshop on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at the Grand Rapids Public Library from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. At this...

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Local First launches sustainable business education series

by (Local First)

Submitted 05-09-2017 under NONPROFITS

Local First announced the launch of its 2017 Measure What Matters Workshop series, which is part of Good for Grand Rapids and aims to equip Grand Rapids companies with tools and resources to help them create high-quality jobs, stronger...

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Community building through resident leadership in Heartside

by (DwellingPlaceCo...)

Submitted 03-21-2017 under PLACE-MATTERS

“What keeps me focused is that I really want to see Heartside expand and grow, and I want to be a part of that change that takes place” says Heartside resident, Marvin Thomas. Located in downtown Grand Rapids, Heartside stretches from...

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The Rapidian hosts Intro to Community Journalism workshop at the Grand Rapids Public Library

by (brittany.devon)

Submitted 02-09-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

The Rapidian's Intro to Community Journalism Workshop began Tuesday with a presentation by Mariah Cowsert, Community Outreach Coordinator at The Rapidian. She explained how The Rapidian fits into Grand Rapids Community Media Center. Mariah...

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Raise your voice with community journalism

by (mariahcaitlin)

Submitted 01-31-2017 under NEWS

This February, The Rapidian will be hosting two workshops to strengthen and lift the voices of our community through journalism. Our Intro to Community Journalism and Community Journalism workshops will be hosted at the Grand Rapids Public Library...

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Five Rivers: A Memoir Workshop with Anne-Marie Oomen

by (Write616)

Submitted 10-13-2016 under

FIVE RIVERS:  ANNE-MARIE’S MEMOIR WRITING CLASS (ALSO VERY USEFUL FOR POETS! ​Learn to use the Five Rivers of Life -- the five senses -- to tell your life stories: those intense memories, that narrative of love or war or birth or death...

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Improvisational Writing Workshop with Andy Mozina

by (Write616)

Submitted 10-13-2016 under

Improvisational Writing: A Workshop with Andy MolinaSunday, November 20, 2016; 3:00 - 5:00 pmWhere do story ideas come from? What makes a good idea for a story? Are there processes and games for generating ideas and story scenarios? Playing off...

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Writers Under 30 series opens the floor up to young local artists

by (carly.schweppe)

Submitted 09-22-2016 under NEWS

In partnership with Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters (GLCL) and Bombadil Books, the Writers Under 30 series celebrates the work of writers under 30 years of age by hosting public readings, workshops and other literary events featuring young...

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