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Community Safety

Have you ever asked yourself how "healthy" your home is, or your castle?

Submitted 07-27-2012 under NONPROFITS

Resources and free services are available for low income home owners, or renters, to make them healthy to live in.


Safety officials see increase in fireworks-related fires

Submitted 07-17-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Deputy Fire Chief Jerry Salatka and Captain Peter McWatters advise on the dangers of fireworks and ignition sources in drought-like conditions.


Residents upset over fireworks may see relief

Submitted 06-19-2012 under NEWS

New proposed ordinance would put some power back in hands of local officials.


Senseless killing of Trayvon Martin resonates in Grand Rapids

Submitted 04-04-2012 under OPINION

The killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin resonates with Grand Rapids demonstrators.


Montessori students take a stand against bullying

Submitted 03-07-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

A group of Montessori students aged between nine and eleven have formed OASA: the Organization Against Student Abuse.


Heartside to receive high-tech information boost

Submitted 01-12-2012 under NEWS

A new information system will inform Heartside residents and visitors about available resources.


Health Department investigates HIV exposure claim

Submitted 12-27-2011 under NEWS

The Kent County Health Department is warning the community of an HIV-positive man's claims that he has been sexually active and injecting drugs without disclosing his status.


Woodland Mall closed amidst large scale fight

Submitted 12-26-2011 under NEWS

Witnesses have reported seeing a gun, but it does not appear that any shots have been fired in the altercation.


2011 from a local politico's eyes

Submitted 12-21-2011 under OPINION

If you didn't know what a "funicular" was before this year, you should know now. The unique addition to John Ball Zoo is just one of many things making headlines in local government this past year. Read on to learn more!


Pleasant Park receives $300,000 development award

Submitted 12-08-2011 under NEWS

The project receives the first in a series of critical grants to transform an abandoned parking lot into a neighborhood park.