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Do You Know What Jesus Really Said?

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As you explore the words of Jesus in Aramaic, you will have many surprises. You will see that it's almost like a "hidden gospel" that has been finally revealed.

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Presenter: Louis Savary, PhD, STD

Presenter: Louis Savary, PhD, STD

Map marking Aquinata Hall and Free Parking

Map marking Aquinata Hall and Free Parking

Did you ever wonder which version of the Bible has the correct translation? Who really wrote it and in what language? How and by whom, was it translated to finally be available in English? And, finally,  is that English translation accurate? Does it tell us what Jesus REALLY said?

Louis Savary, PhD, STD (Sacrae Theologiae Doctor) is coming to Dominican Center at Marywood  (DCM) on the evening of Thursday, May 1 and will be offering a talk to the public to help answer some of these questions. His talk will guide us through the translations to see what seems like a "hidden gospel" written in the original Aramaic, the native language of Jesus. The program,  Do You Know What Jesus Really Said?  will lend new insight to your faith. Regardless of faith tradition and/or religious belief, Savary will inspire thought, investigation and research.

Savary says "Aramaic was the language Jesus actually spoke to his disciples and the crowds. Since the four gospels were written in Greek, then translated into Latin and eventually into English and other modern languages, we may have lost some of what Jesus actually meant. As you explore the words of Jesus in Aramaic, you will have many surprises. You will see that it's almost like a "hidden gospel" that has been finally revealed to us. It may even seem, in some cases, as though we have never before really understood what Jesus actually said or meant."

If you have ever wondered which version of the Bible has the final word; which translation is correct; or if you simply wanted to delve deeply into the actual words of Jesus, this is your opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of an expert in Biblical Theology - an opportunity that isn't often available.

Program and registration Details:

Title: Do You Know What Jesus Really Said?   (Program # 086-094)
Presenter: Louis Savary, PhD, STD
Day/Date/Time: Thursday, May 1; 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Location: Aquinata Hall Chapel (on the grounds of Marywood & Dominican Center at Marywood - see map at right. Stars indicate parking and entrance to Aquinata Hall.)
Cost: $10.00
Register: Please register online HERE, or by calling the Dominican Center front desk at 616.514.3325. Walk-ins are welcome but we would appreciate your calling to reserve a seat in your name so we will be able to arrange for comfortable seating for everyone (In this case, you may pay upon arrival).


Dr. Savary will continue his stay at DCM for the upcoming Annual Gathering of Spiritual Directors on May 2 and 3. (If you are a Spiritual Director, you may register for either Friday, Saturday or both days HERE, or call the DCM Front Desk at 616.514.3325 for more information or to register via phone.  Read more about the theologian/author/professor below.


Louis Savary, PhD,STD, a former Jesuit and expert on the spirituality of Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the author of many books; including recently, The Divine Milieu Explained (2008), The New Spiritual Exercises in the Spirit of Teilhard de Chardin, (2011) and Finding Your Unique Life Purpose: A Companion to the New Spiritual Exercises (2014). He holds a Ph.D. in mathematical statistics applied to the behavioral sciences, and a STD (Sacrae Theologiae Doctor) in spirituality. He was a Jesuit for 30 years. He has been on the adjunct faculty at six universities, and has lectured and led workshops on spirituality for over 40 years. He has co-authored eight books with his wife, Patricia H. Berne, PhD,, most recently You Are God’s Gift to the World, an inspirational book helping people find their life purpose.

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