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"What would Jesus cut?"

Submitted 10-17-2011 under NEWS

Christian activist Jim Wallis, founder of the social justice organization Sojourners, to speak at Fountain Street Church Wednesday


It's all about the kids

Submitted 10-13-2011 under OPINION

Personal account of working with GRPS youth.


Occupy Grand Rapids General Assembly reads the NYC statement (video)

Submitted 10-08-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Video of 10-08-2011 Occupy Grand Rapids general assembly reading of the NYC statement.


Occupy Grand Rapids in context

Submitted 10-08-2011 under OPINION

Born from frustration with corporate greed and control over politics and the excessively increasing disparity between the wealth of 99% of the populace and the 1% elite, this is for protests in Grand Rapids in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. protests and banking protests across the world.


RUST: A sympathetic portrait of post-industrial Michigan

Submitted 10-02-2011 under OPINION

Actors' Theatre presents the premiere of local playwright Austin Bunn's RUST, a play chronicling the impact of General Motor's closing of the Wyoming, Michigan stamping plant in 2008.


Grand Rapidians asked to pressure Senator Stabenow to support fair farm rules

Submitted 09-27-2011 under NEWS

Food & Water Watch met Tuesday to encourage activists to call in to Senator Stabenow and ask her to support the Fair Farm Bill campaign.


Pulitzer prize winner details discrimination against women

Submitted 09-27-2011 under NEWS

Nicholas Kristof, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, spoke at the Diversity Lecture Series at Fountain Street Church, spoke about equitable rights for women as a worldwide issue, not just a women's issue.


A better food system begins on the farm

Submitted 09-08-2011 under NONPROFITS

Food and Water Watch is working in Grand Rapids to help enact the Fair Farm Rules--rules that would level the playing field for small farm owners and work towards a more sustainable food system.


Catalyst Radio: 106 Gallery part of Division Avenue's transformation into Avenue for the Arts

Submitted 09-02-2011 under NONPROFITS

Back in 2005, the only occupied store fronts other than ministries were Vertigo and Sanctuary. Calvin College's 106 Gallery took a place among those storefronts...


[UPDATED] Mayor Heartwell answers questions from the public on City Connection

Submitted 08-29-2011 under NEWS

Got a question for Mayor Heartwell? Tonight is your opportunity to interact with our Grand Rapid's most prominent elected official