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March for Our Lives planned in Grand Rapids to protest gun violence

Submitted 03-22-2018 under NEWS

Over 1,000 people expected to gather in Rosa Parks circle for march intended to advocate for gun control


Former ambassador, Carter Center CEO speaks on global health

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Ambassador Mary Ann Peters (ret.), CEO of the Carter Center in Atlanta, talks about global health equity, ethics and eradication on March 26.


Still in tears for our students after school walkout

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The fact that our students are afraid of being killed at school is unfathomable. We have to get busy.


Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center holds walkout in solidarity with GRPS, to promote safe community

Submitted 03-14-2018 under NEWS

We had parents and board members that were interested in supporting through participation. We also had many students who wanted to be involved, especially those with older siblings in GRPS schools, said Principal Lisa Heyne.


Spotlight on South Africa as 'Great Decisions' continues

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With South Africa at a strategic political crossroads, Ms. Desiree Cormier, a former State Department diplomat, shares her perspective on this strategic U.S. partner.


GRPS school walkout endorsement hinders, not helps students advocate for gun reform laws

Submitted 03-12-2018 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Public Schools declared its approval for the event on February 22, 2018. However, many of us in GRPS think that the wording of the endorsement shifts the conversation from us students to the administration, depriving us of our voice and diluting the power of our movement.


GRPS gets ready for school walkout, discusses gun violence, school security

Submitted 03-09-2018 under NEWS

GRPS announced on February 22, 2018 that it would stand by students in their advocacy for gun reform by supporting the Wednesday, March 14, 2018 school walk-out. This is an interview about the reactions to Superintendent Weatherall Neal's comments, the follow up and the community's reactions.


Quality of life study calls on resident and community leaders to voice opinions

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This spring seven work groups, each with 6-8 members, will tackle common themes that emerged from the Heartside Quality of Life Study. Which work group will you join?


Educators on school shootings: 'Arming teachers is not the answer'

Submitted 03-06-2018 under NEWS

President Trump and the NRA have proposed arming teachers as one response to the Parkland, Florida mass school shooting that left 17 dead. Local teachers and principals say it's a bad idea, arguing they need to be armed with more resources to help students, not weapons.


City Connection: Conversation will focus on state of the city of Grand Rapids, impact of Neighborhood Summit

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Join us today, Monday, March 5, 2018 at 5 p.m. on LiveWire, Comcast Cable 24, for tonight's episode of City Connection. Stacy Stout, assistant to the city manager of Grand Rapids, will be the guest. Stout will discuss the fourth annual Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit.