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Friday Burger Blogging: O'Tooles Edition

The Bridge Street Bomber

The Bridge Street Bomber /Nick Manes

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"Napkins" /Nick Manes



This morning I was having coffee with The Rapidian's Citizen Journalism Coordinator Denise Cheng.  She casually asked me what I would be doing the rest of the day.  I told her that my friends Ryan Van and Jef McClimans and I typically meet at Ryan's coffee shop, 76 Coffee, on Friday afternoons for Friday afternoon burgers-or what we have aptly titled "Friday Burger Club."  Denise was intrigued by my description of it, and asked if I would write about it for The Rapidian.  Well, here it is.

The concept of Friday Burger Club is pretty simple.  A few Fridays ago the three of us were hanging at 76 while Van was working.  It got to be lunch time and we decided it was a burger kind of day. We called down to Wealthy Station and asked them to prepare the illustrious Saint Mulligan for us. I myself am unable to speak as to what goes on this behemoth of a burger for fear of naseua, so I will let you read about it on your own.  

A few weeks passed where we were unable to meet for Burger Club.  Last Friday we finally reconvened and brought in "The Legend" from the famous Choo-Choo Grill.  This one is basically a straightforward cheeseburger, except that it is a full pound.  Sadly, I felt I was unable to handle the whole pounder and decided to downsize to the mere half-pounder.  Van and McClimans succesfully completed the pounder.

Today's burger was the "Bridge St. Bomber" from the delicious O'tooles Public House.  This monster has grilled ham, bacon, and both cheddar and Swiss cheeses, in addition to the amazing hamburger patties O'tooles is famous for.  My take: I think I have a new favorite burger in this city.  

Be sure to stay tuned to this site for further installments to the Friday Burger Blog.  We have plenty of burgers on our list.

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 how do y'all judge what the best burger in town is? is there a rubric?

 No, and we actually tend to for more "ridiculous" burgers than "good" burgers. :) If it's way oversized with incredibly unhealthy toppings, it's good in our book.

Wow yeah that St. Mulligan's. Since you can't stomach providing a description (I'm diagnosing you with a case of food trauma), I will. You said the usual patty with pastrami, two types of cheese, coleslaw and fries dripping with BBQ sauce and mustard.

I am both fascinated and perturbed at the same time. Curious as to how Wealthy Station came up with such a heavyweight.

If anyone knows their meat, it is my man Nick Manes. Too bad he was underwater when he took this photo. 

Best underwater burger ever?

Unfortunately I'm not the pro photographer Steven is. :)

My guess is it was all that burger grease smudging up the lens.