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Trash Talk: Controversy sparks over new solid waste management plan

Submitted 03-27-2012 under NEWS

County and private industry are at odds over where the area's trash should end up.


It's high time to decriminalize

Submitted 03-24-2012 under OPINION

A local group has launched an effort to try and take the issue of punishment for marijuana related crime to the voters.


OGR 2012: Dean Vanderstelt, man on a mission

Submitted 03-23-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Dean Vanderstelt participates in Occupy the Lakeshore, a local Occupy movement that protests income inequality.


OGR 2012: Alex Beecroft weaves together Catholicism, activism

Submitted 03-22-2012 under OPINION

Alex Beecroft's spiritual and social beliefs motivate him to be an activist and passionate Occupier.


OGR 2012: Jewly Seeking Justice

Submitted 03-21-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Jewly Warren, a local activist, describes a life of activism and her latest involvement in Occupy Grand Rapids.


OGR 2012 : Diane Baum, forging a new way of communication

Submitted 03-19-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

This 62-year old activist points to Grand Rapids' long history of activism.


OGR 2012: Occupy GR in a year of change

Submitted 03-19-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

GRCC's Writing for Publication Class takes a look at how Occupy GR has weathered a back and forth winter.


The making of our city budget

Submitted 03-16-2012 under NEWS

Sparked by the decisions of City Commissioners, the politics beat explores how budget decisions are made for Grand Rapids employees


Cuts to library, public goods hit home

Submitted 03-12-2012 under OPINION

The Grand Rapids Public Library is one of many local institutions receiving less public funding. Cuts to public goods have seemingly become an accepted inevitability.


Mayor Heartwell to host live call-in show Monday night at 5pm

Submitted 03-05-2012 under NEWS

Got a question for Mayor Heartwell? The first Monday of every month is your opportunity to interact with Grand Rapid's most prominent elected official.