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Harrison Report: Media Team tackles strict teachers, short recesses, visit with Governor Snyder

This dispatch was added by one of our Nonprofit Neighbors. It does not represent the editorial voice of The Rapidian or Community Media Center.

The kids at Harrison Park weigh in with a political news article, an opinion editorial and an advice column. All reports come from members of the Media Team at Harrison Park Elementary School.

/Photo Courtesy of Harrison Park Media Team

Governor Snyder Visits Harrison Park 

By Esmerelda

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder came to visit Harrison Park School on Thursday, February 6. Because I was a member of Media Team, I was picked to meet Gov. Snyder. When I was told, I was excited to meet him and a little nervous at the same time. I even got to shake his hand and skip class for an hour and got to see what reporters really do. I really wonder what Gov. Snyder’s security person meant when he said, “Governor Snyder is one tough nerd.” Besides this, I had fun.  


Advice: Tips for handling strict teachers!

By Kennedy 

Strict teachers are sometimes hard to handle. Like if you’re a very sensitive, you’re not going to do well in that class. So get ready to feel bad about yourself.

One thing is stay on their good  side not on their bad side. Never forget that.
Examples of a strict teacher:

--They yell and scream so much you can’t talk or think.
--They say give up on you, yet they never do.

To stay on their good side tips!
1. Never ever talk back.
2. Always listen to them.
3. Get on their good side, but don’t be a teacher’s pet.
4. Remember those three steps.
Always listen, and never say that they are not strict enough. Let me tell you what will happen. They get stricter! Now you have all the facts to avoiding a problem with a strict teacher! 


Opinion Editorial: Longer Recess

By Dallais

Have you ever had the feeling that you never get to play with your friends long enough at recess because it ends too fast? So what I am saying is that we should have longer recess.
The positives of having longer recess are that while you play outside, you run out your energy, so that when it is time to learn you can focus on learning instead of playing.  Also when you play outside, you can learn about nature. The last reason we should go outside is because we need time to go outside and get fresh air because the inside air isn’t that good. We also need to have fun. So that was my opinion what’s yours?

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