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Grand Rapids Fire Department -- First and Only ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule Class 2 – is Michigan’s Highest Rated Fire Department





The Grand Rapids Fire Department (GRFD) was recently notified about the outcome of their Insurance Services Office (ISO) visit which took place during August of 2011. ISO is a subsidiary of Versik Analytics, which maintains the largest insurance database in the world with over 5.5 Billion records that relate to a fire department’s readiness to respond to structure fires. Information in the database is collected through the use of the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS), a very detailed algorithm which ultimately results in an organization receiving a Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating on a scale of 1 (best) to 10 (no protection).


The onsite evaluation was scheduled for two weeks in length due to the size and complexity of the jurisdiction and the systems in place to protect it. The review by the ISO representative focused on three main areas; Dispatch which accounts for 10% of the final score, Water Supply which accounts for 40% of the final score and the Fire Department which accounts for 50% of the final score. Great working relationships between city departments eased the data collection and reporting components, as both Water and Dispatch were critical pieces of the successful visit by providing access to key personnel, information and records.


The GRFD dedicated many personnel hours in the preparation for this visit, with the newly implemented Firehouse software playing a major role in the ability to query and present the department’s records. The Strategic Planning Office functioned as the project management team; assembling all needed records, performing data analysis, scheduling meetings and acting as point of contact for the ISO representative.


When looking at all of the fire departments in the country, the GRFD compared favorably after their previous rating of Class 3 in 1996, one of the best ratings in the state and rating it in the top 5% nationally. Through the hard work of its members and continued support of the City of Grand Rapids and its citizens, the GRFD is proud to announce that they have received an ISO Class 2. This rating makes the GRFD the only Fire Department in the State of Michigan to be rated a Class 2 using the FSRS. This accomplishment has catapulted the GRFD into the top 1% of all fire departments in the country.


Fire Chief Laura Knapp stated “I am proud of the transformational work taking place within the organization at every level and very pleased with the continued commitment to the drive towards excellence”.


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