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Hope Simington rocks her kindness

Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Pamper yourself with Hope's newest venture

Simington’s newest venture includes pampering and skin care items like healing hand salve with cocoa butter and beeswax, candy cane foot scrub and mocha massage oil. Her products can be found on the Le Creme de Le Creme event and party planner Facebook page

Simington and five of her six children.

Simington and five of her six children. /courtesy of Hope Simington

Simington's candy cane foot scrub, lip balm and other holiday spa goodies.

Simington's candy cane foot scrub, lip balm and other holiday spa goodies. /Hope Simington

Visit Simington's Facebook page.

Visit Simington's Facebook page. /Hope Simington

Does kindness still exist without thought of reward? Where are these people in our city that exhibit this kindness? In our time, kind people may be hard to find, but they are everywhere: beautiful hidden treasures all around us.

One such treasure is Hope Simington. When she was young, Simington struggled with her weight. Still, she always had a smile on her face and kindness to offer. Many of her friends also struggled with self-esteem issues. She tried to help by doing their hair and makeup so they could feel better about themselves. All the while, she was hurting inside with her own self-esteem issues, never speaking of them with anyone. Looking at her from the outside, she seemed on top of the world, not hiding behind a mask. But the heart of Simington has always been being kind to others for no reason other than to see them happy and smiling. Willing to go without so her friends and loved ones do not, Simington would give her last dime to help, no questions asked. Getting older, life still seemed a struggle for Simington, but not without deserved triumphs too. She ended up having six beautiful children, four of them girls. Simington also lost the weight she always struggled with and has been able to keep it off.

Home full time caring for her children, Simington developed the need for an at home outlet. She was never really the hobby type, but having four girls inspired her to find one...or two or three. She started making headbands. There were never two the same. The headbands were made from plastic, wrapped in ribbon and finished with whatever embellishment she could find. The embellishments were usually plastic jewels, pearls and buttons.

“After a while I ended up with several totes of them,” she says. Simington began selling her excess to friends and family. Truth be told, she probably gave more away than she sold. She sold them for $5-7, depending on the style. The popularity of her headbands inspired her to buy her “dream” camera, a Nikon D300 SLR digital camera. Simington started doing house photos, charging very little. With her raw talent, she did well. Kindness and fairness definitely have always been a part of Simington’s personality.

Simington, who would give you her last dollar because you needed it, had to sell her camera. Broke and feeling hopeless, she abandoned any dream of crafting or photography.

While also loving and caring for her children, Simington easily picked up talents a lot of us find very difficult. Selling her camera had left her feeling broken, and it took her several years to start again. Simington is not just a hobbyist; she has a special talent. She can turn any trash into treasured beauty, capture you at your most flattering moment in a photograph or plan you or your child’s event. She can also mix you up a yummy batch of bath salts, foot scrub, an amazing five minute miracle mask or just be there to listen and offer comfort. Simington is always taking the wants and needs of others into consideration. Is this kindness? Definitely!

Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

Simington’s willingness to help others out no matter the cost falls under this definition. She is a special, rare and kind person. Knowing Simington is an honor: she continues to inspire those around her with her unwavering kindness.

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