The Rapidian

INsight Conference

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


BISSELL Tree House

1300 Fulton Street West
Grand Rapids MI 49504

What is INsight?

INsight is a fresh, interactive forum for entrepreneurs to network, exchange ideas, and speak candidly about business ownership and leadership at a personal and professional level.

At INsight, you will experience entrepreneurs being honest with each other about the struggles and successes that have shaped their businesses. Come hear their stories about their journeys and join us for our second annual conference, modeled after other successful business forums around the country and the first of its kind in West Michigan.

So what makes this conference unique?

Honest Interviews

Instead of a traditional keynote speaker, we feature business owners in an interview format on state. You will learn about their businesses, backgrounds, how they overcame a difficult issue, and implemented successful solutions.

Case Studies

We begin with one large-group case study and four topic-based, small-group case studies. Each case study will highlight one business that is facing a struggle. A panel of industry experts will provide feedback to each business and open it up to the audience for additional comments.

Event Type: Lectures 

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