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Love Thy Rapidian - Love Thy Neighbor, they basically mean the same thing. Your neighbor is your fellow Rapidian. Not always necessarily those which live within the same proximity of each other, but those you pass each day while rushing to work, strolling to the local Mad Cap coffee house, and browsing the windows of the Monroe Center shops. It can be the person behind the Biggby counter fixing you a latte, a waiter taking your order at GP Sports, or the meter attendant making their rounds and hopefully not giving you that neon green ticket on your windshield.

When you walk down the streets of Grand Rapids, do you smile and acknowledge the people you are passing? When you catch their eye, do you wish them a good morning a wonderful afternoon? Do you wonder where they’re going, what makes them walk down this street, eat at this restaurant? I do! I wonder what makes this person live in Grand Rapids, what makes them want to be a Rapidian. Is it the diversity of the Scottish, the Polish, and the Irish all living and working side by side? Do you enjoy the “a little bit of everything” within a five-mile radius, the ability to walk a few blocks and discover sculptures in the park, a few more blocks and stumble upon the old legends of Heritage Hill, or stroll in awe of the new architecture known as Medical Mile. Explore the diversity which is all around us.

The Rapidians make Grand Rapids what it is. Rapidians bring to the city the uniqueness in their every day actions and continuance in living in this ever changing and growing community. In continuing the growth and preserving the history of Grand Rapids, the Rapidians built the foundation of what makes this such a great city. It is the Rapidians which demonstrate the character each day, give from the heart back to the community, and encourage the soul to breathe the life into the city. Are you being the best Rapidian you can be?

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